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Electromechanical and Solid-State Relays for Power, Automotive and Signal switching applications.

Fujitsu Relays for the EV market

Product Highlights

FUJITSU Components high-capacity power relay with long life

Compact, 150A power relay boasts 300K mechanical life

Rated at 150A, 450V DC resistive load, the FTR-E3 safely cuts off high DC voltages for a range of automotive, alternative energy and industrial applications.

Datasheet | Press Release


FUJITSU Components Automotive Relay for 6.6kW EV/PHV On-board Chargers

FTR-K5 automotive relay boasts 6.6kW switching capacity

For use with 6.6kWEV/PHV on-board chargers while offering the highest temperature rating and longest insulation distance of any currently available power relays in this class.

Datasheet | Press Release

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