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Usage note for Fujitsu DC distribution products associated with the IEC TS 62735-2 publication

IEC published IEC TS62735-2, Direct current (DC) plugs and socket-outlets for information and communication technology (ICT) equipment installed in data centres and telecom central offices - Part 2: Plug and socket-outlet system for 5,2kW, in December 2016.
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The following Fujitsu HVDC distribution products have a connector which mates with the products specified in IEC TS62735-2. However, their electrical specifications are 4kW (10A-400V d.c), which do not correspond with 5.2kW (13A-400V d.c) of the IEC standard.

Please use these products at 4.0kW or less.

Part number (*=Discontinued)
Outlet unit FDU-A205, FDU-A210, FDU-A105*, FDU-A110*
Plug cable FDU-P215, FDU-P215/CT, FDU-P220,
FDU-P220/CT, FDU-P230, FDU-P230/CT
Socket-outlet FCN-961B003-G/1A