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Connectors - Datasheet Index

Welcome to Fujitsu Components' connector series index. If you know the series you need, just scan the list to find your product. If you aren't sure of the series you need, we suggest you try our part number search to find the datasheet you need.

Status: Active = Active; Preliminary = Preliminary;Not for New Design = Not for New Design; Discontinued = Discontinued

High Speed Connectors / microGiGaCN™
Board-to-Cable (I/O) Active FCN-260(D) series     
Board-to-Cable (Multi I/O) Not for New Design FCN-260(D) series 
Board-to-Board Not for New Design FCN-260(D) Stacking Connector        Discontinued FCN-260 'MicroStrip'        
Board-to-Board (Compact PCI) Not for New Design FCN-086/087 series Discontinued FCN-290H series
Rectangular Connectors
Board-to-Board/ Board-to-Cable Active FCN-360 series     
DIMM Connectors
DDR-2DIMM Discontinued FCN-07 series

DDR-3DIMM Not for New Design FCN-07 series

DDR-4DIMM Not for New Design FCN-074B/078B series
PCI Express Bus Connectors
Discontinued FCN-07J series     
Half-pitch/Narrow Pitch Connectors
Board-to-Board Not for New Design FCN-210 series
Not for New Design FCN-230 series
Not for New Design FCN-240 series
Discontinued FCN-240 SCA series
Not for New Design FCN-244M/F series
Not for New Design FCN-280 series
Board-to-Cable (I/O) Not for New Design FCN-230B/P series
Not for New Design FCN-230D/R series
Discontinued FCN-230P/J series
Not for New Design FCN-240D/R series
Discontinued FCN-240 P/J series  
Active Optical Cable
QSFP28 Active Optical Cable Discontinued FPD-204/205 series
4X Optical Transceiver Module Discontinued FPD-101 series
Contact Terminals
Grounding Springs Not for New Design FCN-118x series
PC Board Connectors
Cable-to-Board Discontinued FCN-700 series
Discontinued FCN-720M series
Discontinued FCN-740 series
Discontinued FCN-750 series
Discontinued FCN-790 series  
Crimp Type Discontinued FCN-720 series   Discontinued FCN-720M series     
PC Card Connectors
Compact Flash Discontinued FCN-560H series  
PC Card Discontinued FCN-560P Throughhole series
Discontinued FCN-560P SMT series
Discontinued FCN-560 D-RAM series
Card Bus Discontinued FCN-560P series  
microSD Discontinued FCN-560 series  
Copper Modules
X2 CX4 Copper Module Discontinued FCU-022M101 series 
XENPAK Discontinued FCU-010M002 series