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Hyperscale storage system

ETERNUS CD10000 provides unlimited, modular scalability of storage capacity and performance at zero downtime for instant and cost efficient online access to extensive data volumes. Integrating open-source Ceph software into a storage system delivered with end-to-end maintenance from Fujitsu enables IT organizations to fully benefit from open standards without implementation and operational risks. Providing hyper-scalable object, block, and file storage up to more than 50 PetaBytes of data in a cost optimized way ETERNUS CD10000 is the ideal storage for OpenStack users, service providers for cloud, IT and telecommunication as well as media-broadcasting companies. Financial and public institutions with ever-growing document repositories, large scale business analytics / big data applications as well as organizations with comprehensive multimedia data can be served by ETERNUS CD10000 in an excellent manner.

The sale of ETERNUS CD10000 was terminated in December 2015. The successor product is ETERNUS CD10000 S2.

Main features Benefits
Nearly unlimited and flexible scalability of capacity and performance
  • Pay as you grow. No unnecessary upfront investments
  • No forced migration through scalability limits
  • Extremely long lifecycle through technology refreshes during operation reduces maintenance efforts and costs
Fault tolerance and self-healing by design
  • No extra costs for high availability
  • Providing high service levels at lower cost levels
  • Zero downtime
Based on Ceph open source storage software
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Seamless integration in OpenStack environments
Supporting object, file and block storage
  • Delivers large storage consolidation potential within one architecture.
System platform with end-to-end maintenance
  • Use of open source based storage without risks
  • Highly reduced evaluation, implementation and maintenance efforts
High performance through high parallelism of read and write operations
  • High I/O performance can be achieved at lower costs

Model ETERNUS CD10000
Type Hyper-scale storage
Hardware platform S1
Software version V1.0
Storage management Fujitsu’s GUI management console
Host connectivity options Object, RADOS block device
Minimum configuration 4 Storage nodes
Max. no. of storage nodes 224
Storage node types Basic, Capacity and Performance (mix possible)
Max. raw capacity 56 PB
Data replication capabilities split-site configuration with up to 80 km (50 miles)
Application interfaces KVM, Swift, S3, CephFS (on special release request)