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Scanners - Service Programs

Maintained scanners experience less downtime, have longer useful life, and increase the capital value of your investment. The worries of project delays, making daily scan quotas, backlogs, training of new employees, and unbudgeted repairs fall away with Fujitsu Service. Not only is Fujitsu Service affordable, but it can pay for itself in just one visit.

For an overview, please refer to our service guide.

Key Service Values:

  • Fujitsu authorized technicians
  • Improves uptime for scan quotas and deadlines
  • Maintenance training for new employees
  • Eliminates unbudgeted repairs
  • Less expensive than time and materials
  • Increases capital equipment longevity
  • Priority telephone support for faster resolutions
  • Convenient service solutions available for non-Fujitsu scanners 


Simple and economical, Advance Exchange provides next-business-day delivery of a replacement scanner, before you even return the defective one.


Our most comprehensive on-site service program, complete with preventative maintenance, consumables replacement, user training, and custom service response times to fit your needs.


The Basic service program gives you value-oriented peace of mind, providing professional scanner cleaning and on-site service.


Mail-in repair service for customers who operate in high-security areas, require asset tag tracking, or prefer to retain their existing scanner.


The ScanAid™ kit provides handy replacements for consumables that wear naturally during normal use.

We also service the following brands of scanners:

  • Fujitsu
  • Kodak
  • Panasonic
  • Canon
  • Ricoh
  • Bowe Bell & Howell
  • To get a quote or for more information on Service offerings, please fill out this form
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