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FUJITSU Network Scanner N7100

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Network Scanner to maximize business efficiency

With the functionality of many devices, yet the simplicity of one, the N7100 network scanner contains the qualities organizations of all sizes desire to improve business processes.


Ideal for Small and Medium Business

  • Space saving design
  • Multifunction functionality to reduce hardware costs
  • Local user accounts
  • Quiet operation
  • Loaded with intelligent scanning features
  • Outstanding price / performance

General office functionality

  • Fast scanning speeds of 25 pages per minute and true double-sided speeds of 50 images per minute in color, grayscale or monochrome @ 300 dpi
  • 50 page document feeder
  • Large 8.4” touch screen high resolution (1,024 x 768 pixels) display
  • Scan to e-mail, folder/FTP, network fax or printer or Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise features
    *Limited version support for SharePoint*
  • Scanner Central Admin Server software
  • Job Menu’s based on individual user login to control scanning settings and destination(s)
  • High security to assist with compliance and regulation
  • SDK and optional third-party applications for integration with line of business systems

*Points of Attention regarding usage of IPv6:

  • N7100 has earned the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 (CORE), approved by the IPv6 Ready Logo Program for testing conformance and interoperability among devices using IPv6.
  • IPv6 connection requires network devices that support IPv6. Please confirm IPv6 connection among your network devices and N7100 in the network environement in order to assign an IPv6 address to N7100.
  • Please use an IPv4 address of N7100 for connection with an FTP Proxy server, an NTP server, an SNMP server, or a Central Admin server. N7100 does not support the connections with those servers using IPv6 addresses.



Easy Stand-alone Network Operation with Large Display

Large size screen with integrated on-screen keyboard and PC functions are equipped in this compact network scanner. It can be used in the office or a teller window where space is limited. The user can perform scanning, data saving and transmission without the need to operate from a computer.

  • Quick scanning speed that supports plastic card
    Scanning speed is consistent at 25 pages per minute (ppm) even when scanning full A4 color, double-sided, at 300dpi. N7100 is equipped with accurate and stable feeding mechanisms that support scanning from thin paper to thick paper, and plastic card. Plastic ID card and application forms can be scanned together easily at a teller window of banks or hospitals.
  • Less waiting time to achieve stress free scanning
    In order for the user not to feel any stress, the image processing after scanning is quick thanks to the enhanced CPU/memory. The time from the start of scanning to the finish including image processing (when the preview of the last scanned page appears) is 50% shorter than the previous model(1). For regular scanning routines, only one touch of the scan button is necessary which greatly improves the productivity.
  • High security assuming to be shared by multiple users
    The N7100 achieves high security on the premise that it is shared by multiple users. Not only verification before scanning, but also encryption while processing and data deletion after scanning are performed automatically. Users can use the network scanner with peace of mind.
    • Login authentication strictly controls what people can do with the scanner.
    • Scanned data can be output as password-protected PDF files.
    • Advanced security measures guard scanned data from prying eyes.
      • Encryption
        N7100 encrypts and temporarily stores scanned data locally during processing for e-mails, faxes, printing and network storage.
      • Scanned data deletion
        After scanned data has been e-mailed, faxed, printed out or saved to a network folder N7100 automatically deletes the temporarily stored data from its internal memory. Even if an error results in the data remaining in the memory, it is then automatically erased the next time the scanner is started up.
      • Secure Initialize
        When N7100 is initialized, free regions of the internal memory can be overwritten with completely random, meaningless data. As an added security measure, a new cipher key is generated after the user information is deleted. All of this ensures that no trace of old user data can be retrieved from open memory.

Perfect Fit Customized to Your Unique Needs

n7100-job-menuAdministrators can customize the touch panel job menu and scan settings of N7100 to suit the work of a specific user or user group registered to the scanner. The user’s application can be integrated to the scanner as add-in software using the exclusive SDK (for Windows). N7100 comes with an open USB port to connect a keyboard or other USB devices(2) (except USB memory). N7100 can be customized to be a terminal exclusively for your operation.

*To satisfy the security policy, anti-virus software can be installed as an option to safely expand the functions.

*The SDK (software development kit) allows for the development of scanner controlled workplace applications. The Network Scanner Control SDK is free to download. Support scheme is different by each sales region.

High Quality Results Perfectly Suited for OCR

The scanner driver PaperStream IP, which supports TWAIN saves the hassle in fine adjusting the document for OCR processes. It automatically converts the images into exceptionally clean images, accelerating OCR even when scanning wrinkled/soiled document or documents with a background.

Automated functions take the work out of scanning

Advanced automated functions ensure N7100 digitizes your documents with remarkable precision and efficiency. Produce beautiful scans quickly with barely the need to lift a finger.

Auto Orientation Color Detection
Auto Deskew Paper Size Detection
Blank Page Removal Marker Index *

* This function detects words marked with a highlighter and embeds them as keywords in PDF files.


Versatile range of use from SOHO to large enterprises

Connects with a variety of server types
N7100 easily satisfies the digitizing needs of small office networks which use a file server and e-mail server. It is also right at home with more complex LDAP/LDAPS authentication-based networks, integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint and other application hubs.

Set up and manage multiple N7100 scanners at one time
N7100 offers administration functions that allow you to individually or collectively setup and manage a vast network of N7100 units with ease from a single console.

  • Network Scanner Admin Tool
    The Admin Tool function allows you to adjust running environment settings one scanner at a time.
  • Scanner Central Admin Console/Scanner Central Admin Server
    Collectively monitor and manage scanner usage, settings and much more for multiple N7100 units through the Scanner Central Admin Server function.


  1. Time to scan 10 A4 sheets in color. Time from pressing the "scan" button until the completion of image processing (preview image of the last page appears) is 50% shorter compared to the predecessor N1800 (52 seconds reduced to 24 seconds)
    Output resolution: 200dpi, Output file format: Multi-TIFF
    Image Processing: Auto color detection, Automatic page size detection, Rotation, Blank page skip, Multifeed detection
  2. Only standard keyboard with layout of 109(Japanese) and 102(English) are supported. When using with other USB devices such as IC card reader, development of Add-in application using Network Scanner Control SDK (free download) is necessary.


Description N7100
Scanner type ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), Duplex scanning
Scanning modes Color, grayscale, monochrome, automatic (color / grayscale / monochrome detection)
Image sensor type Color CIS x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Light source 3 Color LED (Red / Green / Blue)
Multi-feed detection Supported (Standard) ultrasonic multi-feed defection sensor
Normal mode
Carrier Sheet
A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Business card, Post card, Letter, Legal and Custom sizes (Max: 216 x 355.6 mm (8.5 x 14.17 in.), Min: 50.8 x 50.8 mm (2 x2 in.)) Automatically recognizes document size
Normal mode
Carrier Sheet
Use of a Carrier Sheet permits the scanning of A3, B4, 11 x 17 in., and photographs as well as the documents sizes that are listed above
Long paper
3,048 mm (120 in.) (2)
Paper weight
40 to 209 g/㎡ , or 11 to 56 lb (paper thickness 0.049 to 0.257 mm)
  • A8 size: 127 to 209 g/㎡ , 34 to 56 lb (paper thickness 0.157 to 0.257 mm)
  • Cards* can be used. (thickness 0.76 mm or less)
  • Embossed cards*: useable
    * Landscape only
(A4 Portrait)(3)
Color Simplex: 25 ppm (200, 300 dpi)
Duplex: 50 ipm (200, 300 dpi)
Paper chute capacity 50 sheets (Letter/A4, 80 g/㎡ or 20 lb) (Active loadable ADF)
Expected daily volume 1000 sheets/day
Optical resolution
600 dpi
Color (24-bit) 150 / 200 / 300 / 600 dpi
Grayscale (8-bit)
Monochrome (1-bit)
Output methods(5)
  • Save image data to network folder/FTP server
  • Send image data by E-mail
  • Print (Sends image data to printer server)
  • Send image data by FAX (Sends image data to FAX server in E-mail format)
  • Save image data to SharePoint portal server
Output file formats PDF(Searchable / Password-protected / compressed / Marker Index processed), JPEG, TIFF(single / multi-page), page output in reverse order
Authentication (5)
  • User authentication:
    Active Directory or Open LDAP(for Solaris or Linux), Standalone authentication (6)
  • Folder authentication
    Active Directory or Open LDAP(for Solaris or Linux)
Network interface 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000 BASE-T
Network protocols TCP/IP(IPv4 / IPv6 (7) ), DNS, DHCP, SMTP, SMB, LDAP, NTP, FTP, HTTP, SNMP
Scanner Central Admin Server Windows® 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 Server required
Network Server Authentication Windows® 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 Server or open LDAP
Power requirements AC 100 to 240 V ±10%
Power consumption Operating mode: 38 W or less
Sleep mode: 2.0 W or less
Auto Standby (off) mode: 1.0 W or less
Operating environment Temperature: 5 to 35°C (41 to 95°F)
Relative humidity: 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions:Width X Depth X Height (8) 300 x 232 x 172 mm (11.8 x 9.1 x 6.8 in.)
Weight 6 kg or less (28.7 lb)
Environmental compatibility ENERGY STAR® / RoHS
Display LCD 8.4 inch XGA (1,024 x 768 pixels) TFT Color monitor
Touch panel Analog resistive touch panel
Keyboard Software keyboard
  1. Scan A8 size documents with a paper thickness of 127 g/㎡
  2. Scanning the document over 863mm in length is supported with output resolution 200dpi or below.
  3. Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times.
  4. Maximum output resolution may vary upon scanning range. In addition, Carrier Sheet scanning supports scanning at resolutions of up to 300 dpi.
  5. Please check System Requirements for details about the server types supported by N7100.
  6. An authentication database is stored locally in the N7100. User information is registered into the database from the application User Editor. Only one authentication database can be configured in the scanner.
  7. IPv6 function will be available by applying updates which will be available for download from Aug, 2015 (free of charge).
  8. Excluding the ADF paper chute and stacker.

System Requirements

Requirements for Scanner Central Admin

Please refer to the Scanner Central Admin Console / Scanner Central Admin Server page.

Requirements for Related Servers

For related servers, the following requirements apply:

Server Operating system Required Function
LDAP Server
(Active Directory)
Windows Server™ 2003 Authentication
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
LDAP Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SMTP Server
(SMTP, Exchange)
Windows Server™ 2003 e-Mail (SMTP Server)

* Supported version of Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007
    (supported by 64 -bit operating systems only)
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010
    (supported by 64 -bit operating systems only)
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013
    (supported by 64 -bit operating systems only)
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
File Server
(Network Folder)
Windows Server™ 2003 Save (Network Folder)
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
File Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
FTP Server Windows Server™ 2003 Save (FTP Server Folder)
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
SharePoint® Server Windows Server™ 2003 Save (SharePoint® Folder)

* Supported version of SharePoint® Server
  • Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010
    (supported by 64 -bit operating systems only)
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Print Server Windows Server™ 2003 Print (Network Printer)(1)
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
Fax Server Windows Server™ 2003 Fax (Fax Server)

* Supported version of fax server
  • RightFax Business Server (Version 9.3)
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Open Text RightFax
Kofax Communication Server
DNS Server Windows Server™ 2003 DNS
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
WINS Server Windows Server™ 2003 WINS
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
DHCP Server Windows Server™ 2003 DHCP
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
NTP Server Windows Server™ 2003 NTP
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SNMP Server Windows Server™ 2003 SNMP
Windows Server™ 2008,
Windows Server™ 2008 R2
Windows Server™ 2012,
Windows Server™ 2012 R2
Windows Server™ 2016
Windows Server™ 2019

  1. To use as network printer, Windows® 8 compatible printer driver must be installed.

Requirements for Admin Tool and User Editor

For use of Admin Tool and User Editor, the following requirements apply:


  • Operating system
    • Windows Vista™ SP2 or later
    • Windows® 7 SP1 or later
    • Windows® 8
    • Windows® 8.1
    • Windows® 10
    • Windows Server™ 2003 SP2 or later
    • Windows Server™ 2008 SP2 or later
    • Windows Server™ 2008 R2 SP1 or later
    • Windows Server™ 2012
    • Windows Server™ 2012 R2
    • Windows Server™ 2016
    • Windows Server™ 2019
  • .NET Framework
    • Admin Tool
      Which .NET Framework is used depends on the operating system.
      Operating System .NET Framework (1)
      Windows Vista™ SP2 or later
      Windows® 7 SP1 or later
      Windows® 8
      Windows® 8.1
      Windows Server™ 2008 SP2 or later
      Windows Server™ 2008 R2 SP1 or later
      Windows Server™ 2012
      Windows Server™ 2012 R2
      .NET Framework 4.5
      .NET Framework 4.6
      Windows® 10
      Windows Server™ 2016
      .NET Framework 4.6
      Windows Server™ 2019 .NET Framework 4.7
    • User Editor
      Which .NET Framework is used depends on the operating system.
      Operating System .NET Framework (1)
      Windows Vista™ SP2 or later
      Windows® 7 SP1 or later
      Windows Server™ 2003 SP2 or later
      Windows Server™ 2008
      Windows Server™ 2008 R2
      .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 or later
      .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 or later
      .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or later
      Windows® 8
      Windows® 8.1
      Windows Server™ 2012
      Windows Server™ 2012 R2
      .NET Framework 4.5
      .NET Framework 4.6
      Windows® 10
      Windows Server™ 2016
      .NET Framework 4.6
      Windows Server™ 2019 .NET Framework 4.7
  • Web browser
    • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later (2)

  1. If .NET Framework is not installed, the administrator will be notified. Download .NET Framework from the Microsoft Web site and install it into the computer.
    When installing .NET framework, check that there is enough free disk space. Additional free disk space of at least 500 MB for .NET Framework 2.0 or at least 2 GB for .NET Framework 4.5 is required.
  2. For Admin Tool, confirm that the latest security patch has been applied. If the latest patch has not been applied, download operations (such as manual download) may not be possible.
    If download operations are not possible, clear the [Do not save encrypted pages to disk] check box on [Advanced] of [Internet Options] in Internet Explorer, and try downloading again.
    If the Web browser is Internet Explorer 10 or later, configure [Compatibility View settings] so that the specified URL is displayed in compatibility view.


  • Computer that runs the supported software and meets the following conditions:
    32 MB or more of free memory space
    64 MB or more of free disk space
  • XGA monitor or better
  • LAN cable
  • Pointing device (input device such as mouse)


  Part Number Description
N7100 Keyboard & Stand
Keyboard & Stand
CG01000-286901 A USB keyboard and stand
N7100 Options
Carrier Sheet
carrier sheet
PA03360-0013 Each pack contains 5 carrier sheets. It is recommended that each carrier sheet should be replaced after it has been used for 500 scans.
N7100 Consumables
Roller Set
n7100 roller set
PA03706-0001 Lifetime: Every 200,000 sheets or one year
These rollers feed documents into the scanner
N7100 Cleaning Kits
Cleaner F1
cleaner F1
PA03950-0352 100 ml bottle
Used to clean Rollers
Cleaning Wipe
cleaning wipe
PA03950-0419 1 pack (24 sheets)
Used to clean Rollers
Cleaning Paper
cleaning paper
CA99501-0012 1 pack (10 sheets) For use with Cleaner F1


The N7100 scanner has a variety of 3rd party software solutions.

ABBYY TouchTo Download Brochure (354 KB)

TouchTo combines the latest OCR technology with the Fujitsu touchscreen system to simplify the document management process by reducing the multiple steps required to get fields from scanned documents into backend systems. Anyone scanning a document can route data capture and metadata extraction results into applications from the scanning entry point. The technology has been designed so that anyone capable of operating a scanner is able to use this solution to capture paper-bound documents and data fields within those documents straight into archive, document management and accounting systems. Prior to the release, data extraction was performed on a separate PC, requiring one or more operators to input documents and process them in separate steps. Or, if data extraction were to be performed at the scanner, keystroking was required. With TouchTo, data extraction is performed by simply tapping on a word or number as the document is displayed on the scanner’s LCD screen.

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Bolt Direct Learn more...

Bolt Direct is a connector application that installs and runs on supported Fujitsu network scanners. It communicates with Laserfiche systems enabling users to scan, name, index and route documents directly from the scanner’s touch screen and keyboard interface. Bolt Direct does not require additional connector management components making deployment simple and affordable. Bolt Direct does not interfere with other applications resident on the Fujitsu scanner.
In operation users can select from the rich variety of Fujitsu advanced scanner settings to ensure high quality document images. An image preview feature lets users visually inspect image quality, rotate images, continue scanning or send to Laserfiche. Once send to Laserfiche is selected the touch screen display lets users log in, route to Laserfiche folders, name the document and index it (list fields are displayed and supported). When completed, the document is released to Laserfiche directly in real time.

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Construction Imaging’s CaptureTouch™ Learn more...

Construction Imaging’s CaptureTouch™ seamlessly combines the power of Fujitsu’s 6010 network scanner, ABBYY TouchTo, and EMC’s ApplicationXtender into a powerful solution for distributed capture. Users are guided through a wizard for classifying documents with the information required to store the document in ApplicationXtender’s ECM repository and Construction Imaging’s Invoice Router and Construction Document Manager.. When information is required from the scanned documents, users are directed to touch the appropriate information on the scanned document. The information is instantly captured through ABBYY’s TouchTo OCR technology.
Touch screen capture technology enables users to improve daily processes through it's innovative offering.
The CaptureTouch™ system is centered on document types. All the user needs to know is what document type they are capturing. An administrator or power user pre-configures the storage location and required data for that document type. When configuring a new document type, the ApplicationXtender repository is selected and a list of fields from that is available to be put into the wizard. Multiple screen types are available in the wizard such as a button input, keyboard input or touchscreen input via ABBYY TouchTo.

Watch the process as a document in indexed, OCR'd, and put into the system.
CaptureTouch™ is directly tied to ApplicationXtender via Web Services. Once a document is captured on the scanner, it is put directly into the repository and can be immediately accessed. ApplicationXtender is a platform that can provide content to a number of systems including Construction Imaging’s Invoice Router™ Web Access and Construction Document Manager™ products. Other such integrations include pushing documents to SharePoint, Human Resources applications and ERP systems.
Construction 1
Invoice review and approval is made possible using Invoice Router's Web Access module.

Potential uses for CaptureTouch™ include:

Job-site documents

  • Correspondence
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Daily Logs
  • Timesheets

AP documents

  • Quickly get AP invoices in the system and automatically routed to the appropriate approver through Invoice Router™
  • Input field POs into the system
  • Capture delivery tickets / packing slips / receivers for three-way matching with Invoice/PO

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Drivve Image Download Brochure  (822 KB)

Drivve LLC is pleased to present the Drivve | Image Fujitsu Edition, the latest dedicated version in our Drivve | Image lineup. Our set of feature-rich, customizable tools for capturing and processing document images is now made specially for Fujitsu's fi-6010N desktop network iScanner (and will support forthcoming models in 2009 and beyond).
Together, Fujitsu and Drivve | Image enable collaboration at its most efficient: a high-performance, space-saving document workstation that increases productivity while decreasing cost by eliminating the need for multiple devices (printers, fax machines) combines with powerful image-processing and automation capability so users can customize and optimize their network scanning, emailing and faxing.
With its ample touch screen and full keyboard, the fi-6010N offers the same input capabilities as a computer. Need to share or email your documents? Just scan them and file the optimized, searchable PDFs on your company's network while sending them to colleagues in any office around the world. Don't like complicated scan jobs? (Neither do we.) Choose any button on the elegantly designed UI and Drivve | Image guides you through a series of simple steps before handling the bulk of the processing details on its own.
And when the Drivve | Image Fujitsu Edition is used together with Drivve's award-winning DMS, Drivve | DM, Fujitsu customers have an entire document ecosystem at their fingertips.

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DocuFi ImageRamp Download Brochure  (607 KB)

Image Ramp™ provides a simple and intuitive onramp that is ideal for your customers document capture needs. Protect your investments by creating integrated solutions around your own DM offerings or take advantage of our own cloud infrastructure.

  • ImageRamp offers a configurable environment that is simple to use and meet your customer document needs.
  • Create custom workflow buttons for your clients document processing needs.
  • Set up index configurations into SQL based data repositories.
  • ImageRamp is ideal for enterprise wide deployments. You can set up your customers devices through centralized FTP or UNC path locations or use a simple walk up USB configuration.
  • Built in VNC services for remote control and diagnostics.

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FileBound Enterprise Content Mangement Download Brochure  (326 KB)

The FileBound onboard capture integration allows users to control all the document scanning and indexing processes directly from the scanner panel. Users need only to load their documents into the scanner, select where within FileBound they want to store them, enter the index information, scan the documents and automatically save them into a local or remote FileBound system. The FileBound integrated capture software for the fi-6010N provides a complete, out-of-the-box content management solution without any additional hardware of software requirements.

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Hyland® OnBase® Download Brochure  (571 KB)

Organizations with business processes that rely on documents received from branch offices, remote locations or partners can receive those documents faster, more securely and accurately indexed by using the OnBase integration for the fi-6010N. This is particularly valuable in applications that affect revenue recognition or customer service, such as bank branches, insurance companies, lending organizations or shipping and receiving facilities.
Because of its ease of use and small footprint, the integration for the fi-6010N is well-suited for environments with limited scanning experience and space. Centralized administration allows the destination OnBase system to control processes and impose consistency with minimal IT overhead.

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InofileTM Download Brochure  (459 KB)

Inofile ChartMD
Capture your patient charts, loose paper/faxes with Inofile ChartMD. With or without an EMR, capturing and assigning documents to a patient record has never been easier. Inofile ChartMD works exclusively with the Fujitsu 6010N and N1800 network scanners.
About Inofile
Bringing Structure to Unstructured Documents™. It's a simple premise with profound impact for the healthcare industry. Inofile’s technology is at the core of our product offering, allowing for the seamless transferring of clinical information based on proven and accepted healthcare standards. Our unique approach to document based information has been developed with the support of leading manufacturers, standards groups and industry experts.
For clinics, extended care, long term care and hospitals, Inofile has a product that is right for you. Our distinct product offerings deliver on the promise of exchanging interoperable healthcare documents to enhance the effectiveness of patient care. By providing structure to unstructured documents, Inofile’s solutions deliver better patient information and help to complete the patient record.
Inofile is the preferred clinical document partner with Fujitsu, the leading scanners manufacturer in healthcare.
Within the healthcare market Inofile has partnered with industry leaders such as Fujitsu, McKesson, Epic and Ricoh to provide innovative workflow improvements for ambulatory and acute facilities. For clinical document imports, scanning, uploads and exports, Inofile solutions deliver information with real savings, in real time. What’s more, Inofile is an active participant and thought leader in the healthcare records standards community. From professional organizations to legislative agenda setting, Inofile is driving the conversation and helping shape the future of electronic medical records (EMRs).
With or without an EMR, Inofile ChartMD allows you to capture clinical documents, loose filings and taxes so they can be accurately indexed to patient record.
Inofile ChartMD is a standards-based interoperable healthcare software solution for capturing patient charts, loose filings and importing faxes into patient directory structure or directly to the EMR.
Discover Inofile ChartMD

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KnowledgeLake Capture Download Brochure  (687 KB)

KnowledgeLake Capture for the Fujisu fi-6010N iScanner enables users to scan directly to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) or Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) with corresponding meta-data for each document. The integration enables users to scan directly toe-mail, to a network folder or to a printer. In addition, the documents can be converted to TIFF, PDF, Searchable PDF or JPEG before stored in SharePoint. The Fujitsu fi-6010N iScanner coupled with KnowledgeLake Capture provides added simplicity, enhanced security and encryption features, a network control utility and an upgraded user interface to further assist collaboration across a global network. The web based centralized control utility allows network administrators to assign scanning profiles to users or groups of users and enables remote delivery of software updates.

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Kofax Front Office Server Download Brochure  (206 KB)

Office Automation

Kofax Front Office Server enables customer facing employees to trigger back office, business processes directly from familiar, front office equipment such as digital copiers and desktop scanners. Employees start processes with a few clicks at the digital copier ot thin client scan application. This office automation solution reduces the days required to ship paper into just minutes via electronic transmission. Time spent shuffling, tracking, and filing that paper is replaced by customer facing activities.
This increased responsiveness and front office contact combine to produce superior customer service and reduce operational costs.

With Kofax office automation solutions you can:

  • Speed up document-driven business processes by capturing documents in the front office, where they originate, and quickly deliver them to the systems that automate business processes.
  • Empower front office employees to scan documents without training and leverage additional functionality to improve user efficiency.
  • Improve compliance efforts by tracking chain of custody from the point where a document enters a workflow to the final disposition in a back-office application.
  • Easily deploy a front office based document capture and routing system with centralized management.
  • Standardize on a single-vendor for document capture, collaboration and routing.
  • Extend existing Kofax Capture workflows directly to the front office user.


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Notable Solutions AutoStore Download Brochure  (652 KB)

AutoStore is a full-service document capture software for companies that want to better manage their paper and electronic documents while improving productivity, security and compliance. Capture. Process. Route. Capture print or electronic documents, process them into various digitized formats and then route them to virtually any destination.

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Office Gemini Dokmee Download Brochure  (11.47 MB )

The right stuff
Office Gemini, in conjunction with Fujitsu, has created a walk up interface for the Fujitsu 6010N scanner that links directly into Dokmee Document Management Software. The Dokmee integration with the fi-6010N helps businesses, large and small, to meet their document scanning and storage requirements:

  • One scanner in a centralized location in the office for everyone to share
  • Easy to use touch screen and keyboard
  • Secure network authentication
  • One touch scanning directly into your Dokmee Enterprise or Web system
  • Cost effective hardware and software

Simplifying document collaboration throughout the entire enterprise
Through the integration with the fi-6010N, Office Gemini worked to think outside the box, and created the most efficient and high performance, space saving workstation by decreasing costs and eliminating the need for several devices to scan into 1 document management system.
With Dokmee and the fi-6010N, users can manage and convert paper documents to digital images and store and access documents securely within Dokmee. Users are able to scan and index documents from one centralized scanner. Documents are ready for immediate retrieval across the entire network. This extensive business solution is carried out at your finger tips.
Our goal is to provide end users with the ease, convenience, and security of managing their documents through a collaborative and extensive business solution!

Key Features:

  • Sliding scale zoom for ease of viewing
  • Indexing masks: date, number, and character fields
  • Image rotation directly on the interface of the fi-6010N
  • Split documents with one touch
  • Automatic folder creation and organization

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One Touch Global Technologies Download Brochure  (4.82 MB /otgt

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iScanner with the One Touch Global Technologies integration is the perfect transactional capture platform for enterprises, small businesses and satellite offices in banking, health care, insurance, transportation, government and legal. Integrate paper documents directly into your accounting/invoicing systems, line-of-business applications, document management systems, workflow, fax servers and more. Automate the indexing process based on full text OCR, user profile configuration or other business requirements. Looking to integrate with SharePoint? Just tell us how!

With just One Touch

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease customer service times
  • Give your document intelligent “fingerprints” (add a bar code/bates stamp)
  • Easily rename the document to something that “makes sense”

One Touch Global Technologies understands how to integrate documents into to business workflows. For almost 20 years, One Touch Global Technologies has provided leading edge solutions to thousands of users processing millions of business-critical documents. Some of the top names in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, banking, transportation and government spaces rely daily on One Touch Global Technologies solutions.
For more information or to schedule a demonstration to see how One Touch Global Technologies can help your organization please visit us at

Network Scanner SDK

Thank you for your interest in the Network Scanner SDK. Please take the time to answer the questions below. All information is confidential.

We only ask these questions because we want you to be successful which includes avoiding redundancy, considering current partner solutions, taking full advantage of the features of the scanner like job buttons, understanding the market for add ins, and considering the pros and cons of creating watch folders and connectors. We also need to make sure you have the skill set and resources necessary to complete the task at hand.  

More importantly, we want to have a close relationship with you to make sure that our products evolve to fit your needs with either easier customization. Again, we are glad to help you get the most out of our scanners.

Typically these are the basic ways an ISV or customer uses the SDK.  

  • Database look ups and connectors to verify data entry at the point of scan using a read function. For example, an invoice number may be checked along with a scanned invoice to verify the accuracy of the input. Another example might be a customer look up engine that allows for data to be auto-filled into a scanner created XML file.
  •  UI rework/branding—for example making it look and act like a customized UI.   
  •  Extending delivery targets beyond what is in the box. For example, sending it to internal databases or cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.  
  •  Adding functionality like barcode or patch code recognition.

By far the majority of customers use the current job buttons to scan into a watch folder. Server side applications then pick up the scanned documents to be used in a back end workflow. 

Network Scanner SDK Form


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