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Scanners for Schools & Education Sector


Scanners for the Education Sector

Educators, isn’t it time you graduated to a professional document-management system? Now you can move to the head of the class with Fujitsu’s document and image scanning solutions.

From small footprints to high-speed options, Fujitsu meets the needs of educators in local school districts, community colleges, and large universities. That is because Fujitsu scanners can easily digitize documents and convert them to Portable Document Format (.pdf) files.

The result: educators can instantly access term papers, research findings, and other key documents, and then send them via e-mail, eliminating wasteful printing and distribution costs, while lowering physical labor and storage costs. Educators and students alike are also able to digitally preserve, protect and archive all of their crucial documents, whether it’s a student’s proposal or a professor’s important administrative paperwork. With Fujitsu scanners handling the paper load, teachers can focus on teaching, and students can focus on learning

Fujitsu scanners help school teachers:

  1. Scan in student drawings and use on a school web site
  2. Scan and email PDF files, such as grading reports, to your students’ parents
  3. Save time and be more efficient with professional scanners

Fujitsu scanners help college professors:

  1. Print out a term paper, make notes and then scan straight to PDF – ready to post or send!
  2. Scan book pages and mark relevant sections for your class
  3. Collaborate on documents with your students – then scan them in for easy sharing


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