PaperStream NX Manager is a server software that provides seamless integration with various client systems and applications. In environments with multiple scanners, it allows central management of user authentication functions, job menus, and other scan settings. Installation and operation costs are reduced significantly, and provide maximized business assistance and efficiency.

  • Create and distribute jobs
  • Scan from the scanner
  • Scan from computer/mobile device/thin client
  • Various user authentication methods
  • Send scanned images to client systems
  • Monitor scanning status

*PaperStream NX Manager is only available with fi-7300NX.


Customized jobs for increased productivity

Administrators can create and distribute job groups appropriate to each operator group, so that operators can easily select their own job without sorting through those irrelevant . A maximum of 100 job groups can be created.

Customize jobs with unique names, descriptions, file format settings and much more. When setting file formats for each job, users can select from PDF*1, SinglePage PDF*1, Tagged Image File Format, MultiPage Tagged Image File Format or JPEG*2.

Customizable items (Example):

・Common Settings
Touch Screen Settings: Choose whether or not to input metadata before scanning, or display thumbnails after scanning

・Scan Settings
Profile Settings: Make driver profile adjustments (e.g. color mode, resolution, etc.)
File Format: PDF*1, SinglePage PDF*1, Tagged Image File Format, MultiPage Tagged Image File Format, JPEG*2
Separation: Blank page, Number of images, Barcode, Patch code

・Save Destination Settings
Save Destination: Save to folder, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, FTP, FTPS, e-Mail*3
File Name: Scanner name, Username, Date, Time, Document counter

・Index File
Choose whether or not to export index files and create file names for exported files.

*1 Searchable PDF and PDF/A are not supported.
*2 Available only with grayscale or color images.
*3 PaperStream NX Manager also supports web e-Mail by securing transmission with data encryption.

Scan from scanner and smart device/thin client

Users can scan and save documents without any operation of the computer. PC-less operation helps reduce preparation and computer maintenance costs.

Scanning from mobile or web applications on smart devices or thin client terminals* is also possible, while seamless integration into company systems allows users to use various devices for scanning operations. Also, the PaperStream NX Manager Web Scan allows users to scan documents easily from a web browser without complicated development.

*Development with REST API is required.

User authentication for efficient and secure data entry

Various authentication methods, such as job group code, username and password, and NFC* are available for users to use, ensuring efficient and secure decentralized data entry.

*Development with Authentication API is required.

Displayed on the fi-7300NX touch screen:

High image quality for effective data utilization

Image processing offered with PaperStream IP is also available in PaperStream NX Manager. The driver automatically converts images into exceptionally clean images, and helps users to avoid making fine setting adjustments for OCR processes.

Seamless data saving to various destinations

PaperStream NX Manager enables users to save scanned images to their preferred destinations, such as SharePoint, SharePoint Online, FTP, FTPS and e-Mail*. By using Connector API, scanned images can also be saved to users own systems.

* PaperStream NX Manager also supports web e-Mail by securing transmission with data encryption.

Easy task management for administrators

Providing users with statuses of all scanned image processes, PaperStream NX Manager allows them to monitor and manage all scanning records. It will also notify them of any output errors in the case any occur, so that data processing can be completed smoothly.


Operating system (1) Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
.NET Framework .NET Framework 4.5.2
.NET Framework 4.6
.NET Framework 4.6.1
.NET Framework 4.6.2
.NET Framework 4.7.1
Web Server Internet Information Services 8.0 or later
Other Software SQL Server 2014 Express Edition (2)
Browser Google Chrome (4)
Microsoft Edge (4)
Internet Explorer 11 or later
CPU 3.5 GHz quad-core processor or higher
Memory 16 GB or more
Disk space 120 GB or more of free disk space
Compatible cloud platform Microsoft Azure™
Amazon Web Services™
Registrable Units Up to 1,000 scanner units
Registrable Users Up to 3,000 users total per server (3)
Creatable Jobs Up to 1,000 jobs
  1. To use NX Manager on Windows, you need to purchase a CAL (Client Access License). For details about Client Access Licenses, please contact Microsoft.
  2. If SQL Server 2014 Express Edition is not installed yet, it is installed together with NX Manager when NX Manager is installed.
  3. Edition: Express, Standard, or Enterprize.
  4. Web Scan support only.
  5. Can be increased by Active Directory group integration.

Recommended Environment for Using Web Scan

Recommended Values for Hardware Requirements
CPU Core i5 2.5 GHz processor or higher
Memory 4 GB or more
Disk Space 10 GB or more of free disk space


July 30, 2020
fi-7300NX and PaperStream NX Manager software have been updated
- Enhancement of functions (Service Update 6)

Today's update to FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-7300NX and PaperStream NX Manager software provides users seamless integration with various client systems and applications.

NX Manager

Major Updates

1. Long page scanning available with PaperStream NX Manager
With Service Update 6, users can now scan long page documents with PaperStream NX Manager.
Documents* of up to 1,828 mm (72 in.) with simplex scanning and up to 836 mm (34 in.) with duplex scanning.

2. Expanded browser support of Web Scan
Now supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge in addition to Internet Explorer 11 or later.

3. Improved thumbnail review on Web Scan
Bug fixes made to Web Scan image thumbnails. Faster thumbnail loading times for comfortable viewing.

4. Improved profile settings
Customize scan settings for image mode, resolution, paper size, and size directly from PaperStream NX Manager, so that users no longer need to go through the hassle of importing profiles from PaperStream IP.

These updates are available as of July 30th, 2020, and users need update the latest PaperStream NX Manager ver.1.6.0 or later.

*Capable of scanning documents at 300 dpi or less when using PaperStream NX Manager. Long page scanning is not available when using PaperStream NX Manager to scan from web browsers or smart devices and thin clients.

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