Emmedi 4Cheque Software

FCPA now offers Emmedi’s world-renowned 4Cheque software, an advanced check reading software compatible with Fujitsu’s fi-Series document scanners. By using Fujitsu scanners with 4Cheque, organizations can reduce the number of check scanning devices in their office, reduce the number of scan errors, increase efficiencies and recognize cost savings with this complete check scanning solution.
  • High-Quality Performance

    • Outstanding performance and reliability for decoding checks (CMC7 and E13B)
    • Better decoding quality achievable against a standard check scanner
  • Increases Office Efficiency

    • No need for a stand-alone check scanner and document scanner
    • Reduces installation, maintenance and operating cost
    • Reduces decoding errors which saves time and increases customer satisfaction
    • API interface is fully compatible with most bank interfaces
    • Also scans customer ID cards and envelopes
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    • Reduced wait time in teller lines
    • Quicker response from bank
  • Reliability

    • Over 80,000+ installations of fi-7160 with Emmedi's 4Cheque worldwide
    • Fujitsu's industry recognized U.S. based customer support