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Media Recycler

G750L Multi-Cassette Currency Recycling

G750L Combines Compact Design with High-Capacity and Versatility

Fujitsu G750L Currency Recycling Unit

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Enhanced Functional Features

  • Best-in-class recycling technology at a lower price, making it the smart choice for multiple applications and verticals, ensuring a more rapid ROI
  • Industry leading Fujitsu-patented bill validation technology verifies, sorts, and images all deposited and dispensed notes.
  • Depending on your requirements, five high-capacity recycling cassettes, or four large capacity recycling cassettes and high capacity deposit cassette; moderate capacity reject bin
  • End-to-end fast performance unit with the fastest validation, sort, deposit and dispense transactions in the industry.
  • Supports major world currencies including mixed new and used notes, paper and polymer notes
  • CEN XFS service provider is available to enable easy development of application software


  • Lower cost of ownership by more efficiently managing currency management system and cash-in-transit costs.
  • Completely accessible transport path with strategically located sensors to assist in identifying locations of currency jams or foreign objects.
  • Supports provisional credit, giving the OEM customer the immediate benefit of improved cash flow before cash is actually removed from unit, transported by the CIT vendor and settled in bank’s back office.
  • Manages the quality of notes by accepting and separating unfit currencies, identifying and capturing counterfeit, while dispensing only fit currency to end customers.
  • Unit can be integrated easily into cabinet or safe and then safely “racked out” to provide access to the entire transport path and quick access to all cassettes.

The G750L bill recycling unit raises the bar when it comes to speed, capacity and reliability in a high-end currency management system for the OEM sales channel.

Leveraging the same proven technology that is currently installed in thousands of Fujitsu ATMs worldwide, the G750L has the capacities and flexibility that many of the smaller recyclers lack. The G750L can support up to 13,500 notes in full recycle mode (5 recycle cassettes) or up to 10,800 notes (4 recycle cassettes) for recycling and up to 3,000 notes in a secured depository. In addition, the G750L offers a very robust, lockable and removable 1,000 note reject cassette that can collect unfit, counterfeit or non-recycled currency.

With greater capacities and flexibility, the G750L may be the ideal OEM solution for teller assist, ATMs, bill payment or front or back-office cash management systems. In other words, the G750L is suitable for virtually any environment that handles large sums of cash.

With Fujitsu’s best-in-class bill validation, mixed new and used, paper or polymer notes are no problem. Up to 200 mixed, loose notes can be placed in the “pocket” module for deposit. Notes are then validated (a complete image of the front and back of the media captured) sorted and stored; all in the blink of an eye!

The G750L supports provisional credit which empowers your customer to credit accounts immediately, thereby improving cash flow and improving the bottom line.

In addition, the Fujitsu-patented BV is designed to protect your investment far into the future. With the introduction of new currencies, new polymer notes, and anti-counterfeiting measures, it is important you have the most flexible BV technology available. The G750L BV can support up to 256 different denomination templates. Adding new currencies or denominations is simply a matter of downloading new firmware. No costly hardware upgrades or on-site visit is required.

Depending on your integration and installation requirements, the G750L can be configured for front or rear access. And its unique “racked out” design permits easy access to the escrow area, the transport path and cassettes to clear jammed notes or foreign objects.

The G750L offers a “patrol note” feature. Before costly personnel are called to investigate a transport issue, the G750L can automatically dispatch a specially designed note that can help clear a jam or foreign object from the transport path. In addition, the “patrol note” can be used as a currency separator to denote a shift changes.

If you are unsure if the G750L is the right investment for your customers, contact Fujitsu. We have developed financial tools that will help you to quickly determine the ROI.

Dimensions (W x D x H) 378mm x 725mm x 828mm
Weight 158kg
Maximum Deposit 200 Notes
Maximum Dispense 200 Notes
Recycle Cassette Capacity 2,700 Notes x 4 Cassettes; option 5 cassettes with no depository option
Deposit Cassette Capacity 3,000 Notes
Reject Bin Capacity 1,000 Notes
Acceptable Media Range Maximum (mm) - 70mm x 156mm
Minimum (mm) - 65mm x 140mm.
Thickness (mm) 0.09 ~ 0.20
Processing Performance 8 notes/second
Interface Specifications USB 2.0 Full Speed CEN / XFS
Electrical Power Requirements DC +24V +/-10% Avg.24.5A Peak 33.0A
Temperature Operation 5 ~ 50 °C
Stop State -5 ~ 50 °C
Relative Humidity Operation 20 ~ 80%RH
Stop State 10 ~ 90%RH