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Features and Benefit

Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager provides a “single-pane-of-glass” for business users to source any kind of private, public and hybrid cloud services. Having full transparency of the whole cloud consumption in one system allows the IT to optimize its cloud service portfolio and to identify superfluous resources. Automating the delivery and delegating cloud service operations to the business user relieves the IT operations, and helps to focus on cloud services optimization.


Offer services

  • Single, flexible self-service portal experience for business users
  • Offer cloud services within an interactive service catalog
  • Create and manage service catalogs with optional features such as categories, tags, ratings
  • Out-of-the-box adapters include VMWare and AWS
  • Ready-to-run adapters that can be optionally integrated are:
    • OpenStack, Azure and others
  • Project specific adapters are available on request such as:
    •, MS Office 365, and others

Manage services

  • Build, govern and support a hybrid cloud service-based ecosystem
  • Define service offerings including flexible price models
  • Provide customization features to brand service catalogs individually

Manage billing and reporting

  • Collect events and data based on usage of services as a basis for billing and reporting
  • Create invoices and reports for service users


Flexible business solutions

  • Offer hybrid cloud services
  • Public cloud: Example Service Provider Store (public service portal)
  • Private Cloud: Example Enterprise Store (a company's solution store)

Shorter development and offering period

  • Complete set of operational features
  • Central management of business operations
  • Easy and fast service integration

Less operational work and cost transparency

  • Consumption measurement
  • Unified user and tenant management
  • Rapid deployment to new users, no lengthy provisioning
  • Easy right-sizing and de-provisioning of production resources
  • Immediate reaction to shifts in usage patterns (e.g. re-org)

Customer Benefits of Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager Subscription

Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager is based on Open Service Catalog Manager (OSCM, see http://openservicecatalogmanager.orgOpen a new window). As a customer of Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager, you will benefit from the following service offerings:

  • Technical support with enterprise-grade SLAs
  • Regular releases, tested and approved by Fujitsu QA
  • Discounts on training and certification

Professional Services for Fujitsu Enterprise Service Catalog Manager

Fujitsu offers professional services for Enterprise Service Catalog Manager. Our customer can source standardized professional service packages as well as individual development services or remote operation services. The standard service packages are:

  • ESCM customer implementation concept and single-node installation
  • ESCM adapter installation and configuration
  • ESCM Administrator hands-on session

Trainings are provided for ESCM users, system administrators and developers:

  • Standard User Training (2 Modules)
  • Advanced User Training
  • Developer / Administrator Training (focus topics are operation, IaaS or SaaS integration, branding)

Examples for individual services are:

  • Extension of ESCM core functionality
  • Extension of existing service integrations (adapter), or building new service
  • Integration of ESCM with enterprise systems (e.g. SAP for chargeback, MS ADFS for SSO, CMDB)
  • Maintenance for these extensions
  • Remote operation of ESCM on-premise installations

ESCM Appliance, Platform Availability Options

Appliance Platform Description
1 Bare Metal Single bare metal appliance running a single instance ESCM
2 Single Node Virtualized Single node prepared with a VMWare hypervisor that can support multiple instances of the virtualized ESCM
3 Converged Infrastructure Virtualized A VMWare based Converged infrastructure platform that can support multiple instances of the virtualized ESCM
  • Pre-validate
    All options have been pre-validated to ensure that the appliance is able to deliver "peace-of-mind" functionality to your enterprise.
  • Pre-integrated
    The appliance comes pre-integrated to minimize the delivery time and risk of going live with your ESCM in your data center

All options come ready-to-run