What's on at Fujitsu World Tour 2018

We have a full program of inspiring keynote speeches and breakout sessions on the subject of digital co-creation and the future of technology.  You will also be able to experience Fujitsu's latest innovative technology and services in action in our large exhibition space.

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  • Mervyn Eyre
  • Mervyn Eyre
    Head of Caribbean, Fujitsu America, Inc

    Keynote: Digital Co-Creation/Partner
    Digital Co-creation is a way for organizations to leverage digital technology and deliver innovative value jointly with your partners and customers. We explain why are convinced Digital Co-creation is now the fastest, most effective route to innovation and growth.

  • Tom Blankenhorn

    Bhusan Chand
  • Tom Blankenhorn
    Senior Director of Channel Sales, Microsoft

    Jackie Grunwald
    CIO AdvanSix

    Bhusan Chand
    Head of Application Development Services, Fujitsu

    Keynote: Microsoft Digital Transformation in the Cloud
    Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the ways companies use technology to empower employees, optimize operations, transform products, and engage customers. Microsoft 365 is enabling digital transformation of the modern workplace by providing a secure, intelligent platform, powered by the cloud, to deliver experiences that users love and trusted by IT.

Breakout Sessions

  • Ricky Warrington
  • Cyber threat intelligence
    Speaker: Ricky Warrington - Head of Managed Cyber Security Services and Operations, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    Fujitsu's Cyber Threat Intelligence service provides customers with advance notification of potential cyber-attacks. By gathering intelligence from various public as well as restricted access sources and then analyzing its explicit or implied use, we can help customers predict future compromise attempts. We work on the principle that preparation is everything to counter the inevitable. Attacks cannot be avoided, but coping with them makes the difference. Deploying effective technologies and then operating them efficiently is a necessary and sensible activity - but it will never be enough.

  • Amol Selot
  • Bank of the Future
    Speaker: Amol Selot - Head of Financial Services, Digital, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    Changing market context and industry forces are driving new opportunities, threats and requirements for the traditional banking model. Significant margin pressure across product lines, increasing cost of compliance, flat or declining revenues, rapid technological change, new entrants and digital disruptors, legacy overhang and sophisticated customers looking elsewhere for answers are putting pressures on Banks. Banks need to review their strategic ambitions, business models and decide what services to expose and what data and services they would need to consume, what skills they should hire to defend their position in the market.

  • Jonathan Schwartz
  • Fujitsu Retailing Taskforce
    Speaker: Jonathan Schwartz, Software Development Manager, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    A patent pending concept product developed by Fujitsu in cooperation with Samsung. Taskforce is a SaaS enterprise communication application designed for use in-store, store-to-store or anywhere across the enterprise. Using wearable technology like Samsung Smart Watches, Taskforce enables two-way communication for paging, alerts and scripted messaging. First to be integrated with Fujitsu POS and Self Service solutions, Taskforce will be used for wide range of in-store paging, remote responses to system requests, and associate and customer assistance calls. Later, across the enterprise, Taskforce will be used for store to store messaging, inventory lookup, transfers, task management, and even on-line order fulfillment.

  • Donn Bullock

  • Andreas Bechter

    Jake Smith
  • Infrastructure of the Digital World – Business Centric Infrastructure
    Speakers: Donn Bullock - Fujitsu America Channel Team, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    Jon Rodriguez - Senior Product Manager for Hyperconverged Systems, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    Andreas Bechter - Global Technical Alliance Manager Fujitsu at Veritas Technologies LLC
    Jake Smith - Director of Data Center Technologies at Intel Data Center Group

    What is Needed to Run Each and Every Hype Topic? The Iceberg Theory. Sailing through the wide world of IT infrastructures isn‘t too easy. But Fujitsu has got you covered: We make it easy to not only identify what‘s the right choice for your infrastructures, but we also show you what can be seen above and below the waterline. Due to digitalization there are significant challenges:  Cost savings remain a constant issue throughout, but companies are really focused now on growth and the development of new sources of revenue and new value chains around collaborations with suppliers, partners, and of course their customers. Doing this in a future-proof way so that the deployments that they make can be integrated with other customers. We will show examples of success stories and best practices both above the water and below the water. This session will enable the attendees to navigate the  Business Centric Data Center Hype and avoid the icebergs.

  • Sreedhar Kajeepeta
  • Enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation
    Speakers: Sreedhar Kajeepeta - Global Technology Officer, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    Sreesh Inguva - Digital Technology Services, Digital, Fujitsu America, Inc.

    It is clear from all the recent examples of digital disruptions (think ToysRUs, AmazonGo/WholeFoods, Cisco/AppDynamics etc) that adopting digital enabled business models at an ever-faster pace is a critical need rather than just an option. What is less clear however, is what technologies to adopt, how to adapt technologies and priorities to fit a particular envisioned business model, and how to deal with legacy technologies and infrastructure involved to speed up the digital transformation. As digital transformation partner of choice to large enterprises, Fujitsu has been applying a set of multi-pronged methodologies to help businesses find the right balance of digital approaches and the capabilities to help execute a chosen strategy. The key to success is realizing no single approach fits all use cases even within a single enterprise. Digital transformations should be all about outcomes, and the technology options have to be evaluated in the context of the new KPIs of the business units and the characteristics of the corresponding workloads involved.

  • Ankit Gandhi
  • Digitalizing your Value Chain with SaaS
    Speaker: Ankit Gandhi - Head of SaaS, Digital at Fujitsu America, Inc.
    As a board room topic , Digital Transformation is quickly getting more and more visibility and executives are under pressure to deliver innovation and drive value through the customer journey. Tapping into the fast growing SaaS marketplace can be your answer, but the devil is in the apps. How can you leverage SaaS applications to quickly digitalize key areas of your business? Learn how Fujitsu has digitalized their customers business and also their own by using SaaS apps.

  • George Gakuru
  • Fujitsu Digital Workforce - Robotic Process Automation / Intelligent Automation platform
    Speaker: George Gakuru - Head of Digital Workforce, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    The Fujitsu Digital Workforce is designed to transform business processes to better align with your business needs, harnessing the power of BPA, RPA and AI in a skilled service.  By automating repetitive, rules based tasks. Fujitsu Digital Workforce is redefining how work gets done, by implementing a Digital Workforce made up of “Digital Workers” that work alongside human employees. Fujitsu Digital Workforce routine and fast deployment, is quick to demonstrate value, and flexible enough to work in any environment, whether it be Microsoft Windows, Web based applications, Java, Mainframe, SAP, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Citrix, etc.

  • Ajay Chander
  • Transparent AI for the Enterprise
    Speaker: Ajay Chander, Director, Digital Life Laboratory, Fujitsu Laboratories of America.
    Enterprises are now living and competing in the Augmented Age, where the default mindset is to seek to enhance human output with machine (AI) assistance. AI modules are currently being crafted as “black boxes” by engineers in a process that has inherent data and modeling biases, rendering such “Dark AI” unsuitable for interactive co-creation with humans. Fujitsu is working on adding transparency to AI interactions, towards building a more accessible, explainable, and tuneable AI partner for many human workflows and explorations in the enterprise. This talk will also introduce a Fujitsu solution for making decisions based on graph data, which we call Deep Tensor.

  • Paul Bresnahan
  • Industry 4.0: Smart Factory
    Speaker: Paul Bresnahan, Vice President, Manufacturing, Fujitsu America, Inc.
    Manufacturers have pioneered the use of sensors and data-based monitoring, but today‘s advanced networking, real-time controls and machine intelligence are taking the sector to a new level of sophistication and productivity. It is becoming a hyperconnected industry and hyperconnected technologties are enabling you to better understand your operation in real time to optimize and transform your interaction with suppliers, partners and customers. Fujitsu enables you to leverage the potential of Industrial IoT by intelligently connecting data, people, and business networks. Getting it right can be a game changer allowing you to offer new, smart services and shift to much more service orientated business models.

  • Dr. Arnab Roy
  • Security and Privacy of Big Data - A NIST Perspective
    Speaker: Dr. Arnab Roy, Research Manager at Fujitsu Laboratories of America and serves as a Co-Chair of the NIST Big Data Security and Privacy Subgroup
    The NIST Big Data Public Working Group (NBD-PWG) Security and Privacy Subgroup has been tasked to identify security and privacy issues that are specific to Big Data. With the key Big Data characteristics of variety, volume, velocity, and variability in mind, the subgroup gathered use cases from volunteers, developed a consensus-based security and privacy taxonomy, related the taxonomy to the NIST Big Data Reference Architecture (NBDRA), and validated the NBDRA by mapping the use cases to the NBDRA. Representative from Fujitsu Laboratories of America has been leading this initiative by serving as co-chair of this subgroup and in this talk, will present the current status of the work and focus on how it is expected to guide architectural decisions for fortifying big data projects moving forward.

Expert Talks

Expert Talks give customers the opportunity to discuss IT matters with specialized experts in small groups of up to 5 people.
Each Expert Talk is arranged for 1 customer to guarantee the customer gets exclusive hands-on information and to offer the chance of asking questions.
Click here for a downloadable list of presenters for the scheduled Expert Talks.

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