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3rd Priority

General: more details

  • 12. Prepare alternative language pages for target users.
  • 13. Make sure if you are setting time limits on entry of data, etc. that users can either disable or change the time setting.
  • 14. When you cannot make the page accessible, prepare text pages which hold the same information. Conduct your text page updates at the same time as the regular page.

Graphics: more details

  • 20. Do not use transparent colors around images with text.
  • 21. Key images (charts, graphs) should have an accompanying outline on the same page or a link to a page with details.

Audio or Imaging: more details

  • 32. Supply the same information in text when presenting something in audio.
  • 33. Provide the same information in text or audio for animated graphics.
  • 34. Enable users to control audio data for animations by allowing them to play, stop and adjust the volume. Provide clear controls within the content.

Forms: more details

  • 45. In drop-down and pop-up menus, do not automatically execute the user's choice.
  • 46. Make forms easy to understand and operate by clarifying the relationship between labels and controls and grouping the settings.