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18. Make image maps client side rather than server side. When they are server side, add a text link on the same screen.

Audio browsers do not read aloud target link information for server side image maps. As such, audio browser users cannot get an idea of the target link content.

Example and Implementation

  • Use client side image maps.
  • It is acceptable to use server side image maps if you provide separate text links in the same HTML file as the image.
  • However, even in client side image maps, links cannot be selected when the browser setting “do not display images ” is chosen. It is therefore a good idea to provide separate text links in the same HTML file as the image.
the left menu has a text link similar to the link in the image map

GND_ac_goodGood example: provides text links in the HTML of the same page as the image.

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19. Make text images easy to read by considering contrast, size and font.

The size and contrast for characters drawn within an image cannot be altered using a browser. People who have mild eyesight weaknesses and the elderly, who adjust text size and color in their browsers, can have trouble seeing these characters.

Example and Implementation

  • Minimize use of character decoration (slanting, etc.).
  • Avoid using photos and graphics with patterned backgrounds. When they are used, make sure the characters aren’t obscured into the background by surrounding the characters with green.
  • A character size of 12 pixels or larger is recommended to emphasize and ensure readability of the text. A smaller font is acceptable if the emphasis is not on readability or the image text is not critical to the page content.
decorative elements making it hard for text to be read

GND_ac_badBad example: all make the text difficult to decipher

high contrasting clear background for text

GND_ac_goodGood example: easy to read