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42. Attach titles to and clearly display the content of all frames so that they can be easily distinguished from one another.

Some audio browsers assign a number to each frame and read them aloud. When there are no titles, users must remember how the frames numbers correspond with the content.

Example and Implementation

  • Use the  (title) tag on each frame page to specify a title.
  • The  (title) should indicate the page content and the page’s role within the frame (menu, main body, etc.).
Audio browser recognizes titles from all frames

GND_ac_goodGood example: specifying the title on the frame page using (title)

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43. Consider browsers that do not yet support frames, making sure the content can be read if frames are not used.

Some audio browsers either read aloud the content of the (noframe) or (iframe) tags instead of or in addition to what is on the frame page itself.

Example and Implementation

  • Specify content for the (noframes) and (iframe) tags (in the case of (iframe), the text between (iframe)(/iframe) becomes the page content).
  • Make the content of (noframes) and (iframe) either link(s) to the page displayed in the frame or the frame page.
example HTML Codes shown

GND_ac_goodGood example: displaying  (noframes)

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44. Allow a scroll bar in a frame.

If the character size is enlarged, sometimes the text cannot fit inside the frame. If scroll bars or frame borders are disallowed, difficulties can arise viewing the entire content.

Example and Implementation

  • Allow scroll bars in frames (using the scrolling attribute in the (frame) tag).
  • Allow a frame border (using the frame border and border attributes in the (frame) tag).
  • Make the frame border optional for users (allow use of both frame borders and scroll bars).
window has no scroll bar

GND_ac_badBad example: no scroll bar

the whole web page can be viewed with a scroll bar

GND_ac_goodGood example: With the scroll bar present, users can guess there will be a No. 10.