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35. Provide accompanying words such as "cancelled" avoiding using tags alone which greatly modify the meaning, such as strike through.

In some cases character modifications are not read aloud by audio browsers. For example, strike through lines are not read aloud, ending up relaying an exact opposite meaning.

Example and Implementation

  • Display the fact that something has been "cancelled" in text rather than using strike through tags such as (strike), (s) or (del).
something audio browser cannot read

GND_ac_badBad example: Display only with a strike through.

the text conveys what was said outside of content

GND_ac_goodGood example: Display the "cancellation" in text.

36. Provide accompanying words, avoiding using symbols ( , or etc) alone to identify concepts.

Some audio browsers do not read aloud the intended text symbol. Please avoid only using symbols to display important information. Pictographs (ASCII art) are not read aloud as intended. Please do not use pictographs, but instead use characters or images. Machine-dependent characters also lead to mistaken display, so please avoid using these as well.

“good” and “bad” are indicated only with text symbols

GND_ac_badBad example: and may not be read aloud

“good” and “bad” are indicated with text expression as well as text symbols

GND_ac_goodGood example: Audio browsers can make sense of the symbols with the text also provided in brackets.