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NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date.

1st Priority

General: more details

  • □ 1. On all pages, titles should be used to accurately portray the page content so that page identification is possible.
  • □ 2. Clearly display the main language of the page.
  • □ 3. Make a clear distinction (by changing contrast, brightness, etc.) between the text and background colors.
  • □ 4. Go beyond color shading. Use a combination of text and pattern to highlight information.
  • □ 5. Do not include text that makes the whole screen flicker. Do not include flickering or scrolling text when displaying essential material or large volumes of information. When such styles are used, avoid extreme changes in contrast or speed.
  • □ 6. Do not display messages in the status bar.
  • □ 7. Enable all information to be accessed through keyboard manipulation.

Graphics: more details

  • □ 15. Use the alt attribute for images to clearly outline the gist of the image.
  • □ 16. Use the alt attribute for linked images to precisely outline the gist of the target link.
  • □ 17. Use the alt attribute for image maps to precisely outline the gist of the target link.

Text: more details

  • □ 35. Provide accompanying words such as "cancelled" avoiding using tags alone which greatly modify the meaning, such as strike-through.
  • □ 36. Provide accompanying words in order to identify concepts. Avoid using symbols, such as, X, - or √ and so on.

Tables: more details

  • □ 39. For tables, give consideration to the relationship between rows and columns and the order in which they are displayed cell-by-cell, top left to bottom right , making them easy to understand.

Frames: more details

  • □ 41. Minimize the use of frames