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How to Identify Gray Market Products

Region: United States

What is Gray Market?
Gray market products are Fujitsu scanner branded products that are sold outside of their authorized sales territory. It can also include counterfeit products, consumables, and spare parts. Due to the nature of these products, they may also be sold at artificially low prices.

Who are authorized US Distributors and Resellers?
Authorized Fujitsu scanner distributors are companies that have a direct contractual agreement to purchase and resell Fujitsu scanners in the United States. Authorized resellers are companies who purchase products in the US from those authorized distributors. A list of authorized distributors is listed at the following link. You can also ensure that the part number for a scanner is an authorized US part number by checking the authorized part number section:

Consumer issues with buying gray market products
Fujitsu scanners purchased from unauthorized resellers or from outside of the United States do not have a US warranty or access to customer support. They may also contain non-US power cords and unlicensed or counterfeit software. Additionally, gray market products may be used or damaged.

Samples of Authorized Part Numbers and Products
Please see the examples below of authorized part numbers. Please be aware of unauthorized resellers using an authorized part number on their web-site or on the actual product box, but then shipping a gray market product with a different part number on the serial plate of the unit. You can find a complete list of authorized part numbers at the link in the authorized part number section below.

Authorized Part Numbers
Scanner Model Auhthorized Part Number
fi-7140 PA03670-B105
fi-7160 PA03670-B085
fi-7160 Deluxe Bundle CG01000-286401
fi-7160 Premium Bundle CG01000-298801
fi-7160 TAA PA03670-B065
ScanSnap S1300i PA03643-B205
ScanSnap S1300i Bundle with Neat CG01000-298901
ScanSnap iX1400 (Black) PA03820-B235
ScanSnap iX1400 (Black) TAA PA03820-B225
ScanSnap iX1600 (Black) PA03770-B635
ScanSnap iX1600 (White) PA03770-B615
ScanSnap iX1600 (White) TAA PA03770-B605
ScanSnap iX1600 Deluxe (White) - with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro CG01000-300201
ScanSnap iX1600 Deluxe (Black) - with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro CG01000-300101

A complete list of authorized part numbers can be accessed here.

How to identify a scanner part number:
Note: some gray market resellers may include the correct part number on their website or ecommerce store listing. They may also alter the scanner box with the correct part number. The scanner serial plate on the unit will have the actual part number.
  • Example of an unaltered fi-7160 scanner box:

  • Example of scanner serial number plate on scanner:

What should I do if I have a question?
If you have a concern or need assistance about identifying a potential gray market situation, our product support team can quickly assist you by contacting the email address below. If you see a product listing at a much lower than normal level, chances are that it’s a used or gray market product. Also, if you have a question about our authorized distributors or resellers, gray market products in general, or if you’ve purchased a gray market product, please send your question to:

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