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Your Privacy Rights

Last updated: May 4, 2015

Privacy Policy Introduction


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Questions regarding our privacy policy should be directed to the Fujitsu privacy contact. If you do not receive an answer to your inquiry, you may contact TRUSTe.

California law permits our established consumer customers who are California residents to request information regarding disclosure of personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Some Fujitsu companies may make such disclosures to a number of Fujitsu affiliates, or with your consent to third parties; please see below Consumer Choice Notice. Our policy is to allow you to either opt out from or to opt in to such disclosure; for a cost-free means to exercise your right, see below Opt Ins and Opt Outs.

The and web sites (the “Site”) is hosted by Fujitsu America, Inc. ("Fujitsu America") for use by certain Fujitsu Group affiliates, except for those sections, subdomains, or domains listed on the Coverage Chart. Affiliates provide the content and control any personally identifiable information collected on the subsites under their control (the “Subsites”).

This Privacy Policy covers TRUSTe Certified Subsites listed below. The Certified Subsites are controlled by Fujitsu America, Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited, Fujitsu Management Services of America, Inc., Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc., Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc., Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., Fujitsu Components America, Inc., Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc., and Fujitsu Media Devices of America, Inc. We are all affiliates of Fujitsu Limited, a Japanese corporation. Throughout this privacy policy, when we say, “our”, “we”, “us”, or “Fujitsu”, we mean the Fujitsu companies identified above. Our Certified Subsites have privacy policies that carry the TRUSTe certification, but websites of other affiliates may not. We are participants in the TRUSTe Program, and are using the TRUSTe Mark(s) under license from TRUSTe pursuant to the requirements of the TRUSTe program; each Fujitsu company listed above will be individually certified by TRUSTe. All rights in the TRUSTe Mark(s) belong to TRUSTe.

On the Certified Subsites, each page where personally identifiably information is collected has a Privacy link to the applicable privacy policy. Click on the Privacy link to identify how the information collected on that portion of the website will be used. To identify the URLs of the Certified Subsites, refer to the coverage chart below. Certain affiliate sites that are not TRUSTe certified (“Uncertified Sites”) are also listed separately on the coverage chart. Uncertified Sites are covered under different privacy policies - so before providing personal information to those sites, check the applicable privacy policy.

This policy describes the potential use of visitor information on the Certified Subsites. Some Certified Subsites may make far less use of personal information than we have outlined in the policy, but we wanted to provide you with an inclusive statement of our potential practices. The following sections below explain the privacy policy for the Certified Subsites only:

The Data We Collect and How We Use It

We may collect information from users as described below, such as name, address, email, purchase details, company name, position, inquiry details, telephone numbers, and credit card/payment information, for the following purposes:

To respond to requests and inquiries. To respond to requests for sales or product information, support or contact inquiries, event or training registration, downloads, warranties, e-commerce transactions, newsletters, surveys or contests; and share it with Fujitsu affiliates, resellers and distributors, consultants and service providers, both domestically and internationally, as a general matter, to fulfill these and other purposes.

As part of the communication connection itself. We may collect any information your browser provides such as network routing ( IP address, referring URL, domain names, landing page, forward proxy), browser type and locale, web statistics (pages viewed, order, date, time) and a query to see if there are "cookies" previously set by the Site. This is for website statistical analysis, user verification, to facilitate log in, maintain an external application session, or other site navigation procedures. We may use hosted 3rd party web analytical services to track and report on visitor behavior on our certified websites. These services may set a small piece of tracking code that uses Fujitsu domains’ information stored in cookies on the visitor’s hard drive. A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a Web server to store on a Web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. While we don't offer an opt-out on the site for cookies, browsers may provide you with optional control over cookies.

To engage in transactions or communications. Name, address, email, purchase details, telephone numbers, and credit card/payment information may be collected and stored as part of the transaction history. We may need to share some of this information (address, payment) with our affiliates, third party service providers such as delivery services, credit card clearing houses and other third parties that are required to accomplish the transaction. We, our affiliates, or our third party service providers, may also collect billing information and payment information such as credit card number to perform the online sale. Certain specific information such as bank account number or social security number are only required if a leasing agreement is being entered into. Affiliates and third party service providers are only allowed to use the information provided for to accomplish the transaction and not for other purposes.

To facilitate e-commerce transactions. Some parts of Certified Subsites use cookies to avoid duplicate data entry, keep track of shopping cart additions, and preserve order information between sessions. Cookies on the Site may contain the following information: a unique identifier, user preferences and profile information. Some cookies used by the Site may remain on the user's computer after they leave the Site, and expire within 30 - 365 days. However some persistent cookies have no expiration.

To provide sales, service and support, respond to user inquiries, registration for newsletters, product information and quotes for product and equipment purchase. We may share contact information, both domestically and internationally, with the appropriate Fujitsu affiliate, group sales person, distributor, reseller, service provider or consultant to fulfill your request.

To select content and tailor marketing to user needs. Information collected from site navigation, log files, and forms may be used to display web site content and navigation that is most relevant. Information from purchases, registration and inquiries may be used to provide you with notices of product releases and service developments that address your needs and requirements. Marketing notices are subject to the general opt-out elections.

To provide information on educational events or relevant programs. We occasionally co-sponsor events with alliance partners that provide services of potential benefit to Fujitsu customers. We may provide information on such events and services to users who have indicated interest in the subject matter or service.

To power joint sales or product promotions. Fujitsu and its alliance partners may engage in joint events or provide bundled products. Such promotions will always reference the channel or alliance partners involved. Examples could include: joint seminars and sales promotions, jointly developed products and joint announcements. Fujitsu and our alliance partner(s) will have access to that information. We may have no control over privacy practices of alliance partner(s), so we advise you to review the privacy policies of these alliance partners before providing any personal information.

To follow up on your registration for or attendance at a Fujitsu event. Users, who sign up for an event or training session may be contacted to see if any follow up is appropriate. This is in addition to any contact that may be required to confirm payment or provide logistical information and updates related to the conference or training session. Please consult the supplemental privacy statement on the specific conference site for more information.

To address performance and repair issues. On occasion we offer patches and other fixes to software, such as security patches addressing newly discovered vulnerabilities, as well as drivers for hardware. We may communicate the availability of these to registered owners of Fujitsu products or channel partners.

To comply with laws and law enforcement. We may provide personally identifiable information to comply with law enforcement, legal processes, and legally mandated reporting and disclosure.

To offer participation in surveys or contests. We may provide you with the opportunity to participate in contests or surveys on our site. If you decide to participate, we will request information such as your name, email, shipping address to notify contest winner and award prizes. This information is also used to send participants an email newsletter with marketing information on new product offerings and services. We may collect additional personal information to confirm your eligibility for a prize. We may use a third party service provider to conduct these surveys or contests; that company is prohibited from using our users’ personally identifiable information for any other purpose. We will not share the personally identifiable information that is collected through a survey or contest with other third parties, unless prior notification is given.

To engage third party service providers to perform services. We will put in place reasonable restrictions to maintain proper use of your personal information by such providers.

Referral Service. We may provide functionality for you to send, as a one-time email, a page, product information or job opportunity to a friend. We do not retain personal information gathered in this transaction.

Consumer Choice Notice

We may share a consumer’s personal information, including without limitation, your name, email address, phone number, postal address, and company name, with up to eleven Fujitsu affiliates in North America and third parties for direct marketing purposes to provide product and service requests, offers, and updates; newsletters; events; or promotional communications.

If you request sales, support, contact or other information, from Fujitsu affiliates around the world, we will share your personal information to accommodate that request.

If you opt out from or do not opt in to such transfer, the concerned Fujitsu affiliate will remove you from its contact lists or take other steps so that your personal information is no longer transferred to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Please see the following section for opt-out instructions. You will still receive other communications, such as for support, patches or warranty updates.

Opt Ins and Opt Outs

There are several ways to opt in to or opt out of the transfer of your personal data to Fujitsu affiliates or third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

  1. At the point of collection you may be informed of such transfer and you opt in by providing your personal data.
  2. You may opt-out of email marketing as part of the registration process.
  3. If you receive a commercial email from a Fujitsu affiliate, you may follow opt-out instructions in the commercial email.
  4. You may send a letter, and identify the company, product or service, your email, and your specific request, so that we can remove you from the correct contact list, to:
    Fujitsu America, Privacy, 1250 E. Arques Avenue, M/S 201, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
  5. You may opt-out from a Fujitsu company’s transfer of your personal data to a third party for the third party’s direct marketing purposes using any other instructions that may be provided at the point of collection for the Fujitsu company that engages in such transfer of personal data.

Please note that each Fujitsu affiliate may have its own email and other contact and opt-out lists. Opting out of one company’s list does not affect lists of other affiliates that you may be on or of the third parties who have received your personal data prior to your opt-out. Opt-out only covers commercial email marketing to a specific email address and does not otherwise limit our use of your information consistent with this privacy policy. For example, we still could use your data for certain communications including patch, driver, warranty, performance of transactions, communications to channel partners, and some limited communications related to registration for and attendance at events.


The TRUSTe program does not certify any downloadable software that may be provided through the Site.

For your convenience, we provide links to websites beyond our control, such as to third party sites as well as to sites of our affiliates that we believe may be of interest. You are advised to check the privacy policies of those sites before providing your personal information to them.

Account Access

We provide you with the ability to create an account or profile of information on different portions of the site. You may update this information either online or using email links. You may update this information online by logging into the account you created on the Certified Subsite or through email links that can be found on a Contact page on the Certified Subsite.


We are concerned with the security of the personally identified information we have collected. We have in place reasonable safeguards to protect your personal information against misuse or unauthorized access to the data. This may include firewalls, encryption, passwords and password updates, and limiting access to designated personnel.

International Data Centers

Our primary data centers are in the USA and Europe, we may give restricted access to the information provided by customers to the appropriate Fujitsu affiliate, office, distributor, agent or consultant to deliver the service or information requested by the customer. Some of these data recipients may be outside of the USA.

TRUSTe Certified Subsites

TRUSTe certified subsites of for which this privacy policy applies:

Company Name Section, Domain or Subdomain
Fujitsu America, Inc.
Fujitsu Components America, Inc.
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (1)
Fujitsu Frontech North America, Inc.
Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited
Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
Fujitsu Semiconductor America, Inc.
Fujitsu Technology and Business of America, Inc.

1: Other websites of Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. have separate privacy policies, for example its online store’s privacy policy can be found below.

Uncertified Subsites

The following subsites of and sites of Fujitsu affiliates are covered under different privacy policies:

Company Name Section, Domain or Subdomain Privacy Policy
Fujitsu Canada, Inc. & Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc.
(subsidiaries operating under the trade name Fujitsu Canada) View Policy
Advantest America Corporation View Policy
FDK America, Inc. View Policy
Fujitsu America, Inc. (Interstage) View Policy
Fujitsu Computer Products of America
(Online Store) View Policy
Fujitsu General America Inc. View Policy
Fujitsu Limited View Policy
Glovia International, LLC View Policy
PFU Systems, Inc. View Policy
Shinko Electric America, Inc. View Policy

Fujitsu Affiliates in North America

Eleven Fujitsu affiliates in North America may receive your personal data. They are:

Fujitsu America, Inc.
1250 E. Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA  94085-5401
Tel. (408) 746-6200

Fujitsu Canada, Inc.
6975 Creditview Road, Unit 1
Mississauga, ON  L5N 8E9
Tel. (905) 286-9666

Fujitsu Components America, Inc.
2290 North First Street, Suite 212
San Jose, CA  95131
Tel. (408) 745-4900

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
1255 E. Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA  94085-4701
Tel. (408) 746-7000

Fujitsu Frontech North America, Inc.
25902 Towne Centre Dr.
Foothill Ranch, CA  92610-3436
Tel. (949) 855-5500

Fujitsu General America, Inc.
353 Route 46 West
Fairfield, NJ  07004
Tel. (973) 575-0380
Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited
1250 E. Arques Avenue, M/S 333
Sunnyvale, CA  94088
Tel. (408) 737-5970

Fujitsu Laboratories of America
1240 E. Arques Avenue, M/S 345
Sunnyvale CA  94085
Tel. (408) 530-4500

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
2801 Telecom Parkway
Richardson, TX  75082
Tel. (972) 690-6000

Fujitsu Semiconductor America, Inc.
1250 E. Arques Avenue, M/S 333
Sunnyvale, CA  94088-3470
Tel. (408) 737-5600

Fujitsu Technology and Business of America, Inc.
1250 E. Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA  94085-5401
Tel. (408) 746-6200

Policy Updates

We revise this privacy policy from time to time and keep an updated copy on our Web site at all times. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will update the policy and put a clear and conspicuous notice on our home page.

Date Created: May 16, 2007

Last Updated: February 28, 2014. To see the prior version of our policy, click here.

Contact Information

If you have questions about our privacy practices, please contact us via email.
Or write to: Fujitsu America,  Privacy, 1250 E. Arques Avenue, M/S 201, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

If you do not receive acknowledgment of your inquiry or your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, you should then contact TRUSTe.

TRUSTe will then serve as a liaison between you and the operators of the applicable Certified Subsites to resolve your concerns. The TRUSTe program covers only information that is collected through the Certified Subsites and does not cover information that is collected elsewhere or via other means, such as offline.