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  7. Fujitsu Laboratories of America releases technology to spur the adoption of W3C's EXI format

Fujitsu Laboratories of America releases technology to spur the adoption of W3C's EXI format

Technology can significantly reduce implementation costs and increase accessibility of EXI processing software

Fujitsu Laboratories of America Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA, May 05, 2014

Fujitsu Laboratories of America (FLA) announced the development of new technology that can significantly reduce the implementation cost of W3C's Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) format. This technology has been made publicly available as open source in order to promote the use of EXI especially by early adopters who are using EXI to leverage XML technologies in Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

XML has been widely adopted in diverse areas as the data-exchange format between systems on the Web. However issues around file size and processing efficiency have prevented its extensive usage for M2M communications. EXI, which became a standard as a W3C recommendation in March 2011, is designed to further expand the use of XML by addressing these issues. EXI can efficiently compact XML but some coding complexities remain that are hindering widespread adoption. To solve this problem, FLA developed new technology that allows easy implementation of EXI data processing software by bypassing the onerous task of component level processing of XML schema definitions. Early estimates suggest that this technology would slash the amount of code required to implement an EXI decoder by roughly half which significantly reduces the cost of EXI implementations.

“FLA has been a member of the W3C EXI working group from its inception, contributing to the group's standardization activity technically throughout as well as administratively by chairing the group since 2008”, said Yasunori Kimura, President and CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories of America. ”We expect that our technology to simplify EXI will greatly enhance the speed and breadth of EXI deployments in the marketplace.”

EXI (Efficient XML Interchange), which became a standard as a W3C Recommendation in March 2011, is a technology designed to further expand the use of XML. EXI has already been adopted by industry standards such as ISO 15118(V2G)and ZigBee Smart Energy Profile V2.0 enabling the use of XML on low-resource devices connected to smart-energy networks. Second edition of the EXI format specification, which provides numerous clarifications to the first edition of the specification, was published by W3C in February 2014, laying the groundwork for its further adoption.

Fujitsu Laboratories of America plans to promote this technology as the basis for a standard so as to make its benefit more widely accessible, and is committed to continue to contribute to the further adoption of EXI and increasing the fields of application of XML technologies. More information can be obtained from

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Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Japan), focusing on research on Internet, interconnect technologies, software development and solutions for several industry verticals. Conducting research in an open environment, it contributes to the global research community and the IT industry. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.
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Date: May 05, 2014
City: Sunnyvale, CA
Company: Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.