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Fujitsu Research Reveals Global Consumer Attitudes to Data Privacy Crucial to Realizing Benefits of Cloud Computing

Respondents From Six Diverse Countries Indicate Interest in Potential of Cloud Computing; Degree of Concern for Personal Data Privacy Varies Widely

Fujitsu America Inc.

BOSTON, MA (Marketwire), October 27, 2010

Fujitsu Global Analyst Conference -- Fujitsu today released its global research report "Personal Data in the Cloud: A Global Research of Consumer Attitudes." Research polling 3,000 people in six countries uncovered common global trends such as substantial consumer fears over data privacy, coupled with an unwillingness to take measures to protect their data or trust organizations and governments to look after it. Consumers also saw the potential benefits of sharing their data, but the degree to which they were willing to trade off the benefits and risks varied depending on age, gender and nationality.

Deeper trends were also uncovered. It was found that privacy is linked to value, and both are tied to personal information. The more personal the data, the more valuable and vulnerable it becomes. But the overall perception is that access to information has a negative impact on the individual because the individual cannot see the value.

The report highlights three important conclusions:

1. Consumers are more excited and intrigued by the opportunities stemming from cloud computing, than has been thought. They are, indeed, concerned about data privacy, but weigh the risks involved in sharing data against the benefits. 2. Although they expect governments to police the use of data, consumers don't really trust either the public or private sectors to protect it properly. Their sense of what is "personal" data is complex. Instead of systems in which other organizations look after their data, people want the tools to be able to control who has access to it. However, many are currently not acting on these concerns. 3. No single, one-size-fits-all approach to data privacy will work. The boundary people want to draw around their data varies with age, gender and country. There is also wide variation in how people weigh up the potential benefits of sharing data, in specific applications, against the risks. Some people are comfortable with the idea that their data could be stored anywhere in the world. Others are not: their boundary is also their national border.

The research was conducted from June to August 2010 using online bulletin boards, focus groups and quantitative research. Participants from Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK and the U.S. were screened to ensure a wide range of age, gender and level of technology use.

Key Research Data

  • Overall, more than 80 percent of consumers expect governments to legislate and regulate data access and impose penalties on companies that don't use data responsibly, but only 20 percent have real confidence in the government to look after their data
  • 91 percent of consumers want a system that enables them to control how their data is used
  • 90 percent of U.S. consumers want to be asked for permission for their data to be shared, but only 77 percent of Japanese consumers do
  • 88 percent of consumers are worried about who has access to their data
  • 72 percent of German consumers expect government to keep out of their personal data, but only 46 percent of U.S. consumers expect this
  • 36 percent of Singapore consumers believe that the benefits of using personal data to create personalized shopping experiences outweigh the risks, but only 17 percent of UK consumers do


Lynn Willenbring, Fujitsu America Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and global lead, Business Services:"This research has far-reaching implications for the evolution of cloud computing and ties directly to the theme of this year's Fujitsu Global Analyst Conference in Boston. For the full economic and social potential of the global cloud to be realized, governments and businesses must start by understanding the specific needs of their citizens and customers. When it comes to data privacy, organizations must think globally but act locally. In response, Fujitsu is developing multiple cloud technologies and platforms, both local and global, that give people more control over their personal data. Fujitsu is also working with governments around the world to develop cloud solutions with clear benefits to individuals and societies."

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About the report

"Personal Data in the Cloud: A Global Research of Consumer Attitudes."The report was commissioned by Fujitsu Research Institute and produced by Fujitsu Global Business Group (part of Fujitsu Limited). It is based on data compiled as a result of a market research project undertaken by ORC International Limited on behalf of Fujitsu Global Business Group.

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Date: October 27, 2010
City: BOSTON, MA (Marketwire)