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Fujitsu America Introduces New Green IT Solutions

New Fujitsu Services Help Enterprises Reduce Their Carbon Footprints and Energy Costs by 20 Percent on Average

Fujitsu America Inc.

SUNNYVALE, CA (Marketwire), September 01, 2010

Fujitsu  ( today announced the new QuickStart assessment and Green IT Delivery Solution services that deliver actionable plans for reducing enterprise customers' IT energy costs by 20 percent on average and supporting their corporate sustainability efforts, including reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The Fujitsu Green IT solutions are unique in their class because they evaluate user habits and desktop and peripheral optimization, as well as data center efficiencies that can be gained through virtualization, cloud computing and other technologies. Typically, clients -- such as manufacturers, retailers, government agencies and financial-services and healthcare providers -- see a return on their sustainability investment within the first eight months of the implementation.

News Highlights

  • The QuickStart assessment takes only two weeks and provides customers with a clear foundation for building a successful and achievable Green IT program to reduce costs, waste and emissions. It helps prioritize projects in five key areas: business operations; data-center efficiencies; end-user efficiencies; metrics and monitoring; and lifecycle and procurement.
  • The Green IT Delivery Solution helps customers define their sustainability goals and implement a customized, six-month program to achieve measurable results. The Solution leverages a unique data-modeling technique and a scenario-based analytical process Fujitsu developed to support an IT sustainability profile. Included is an estimate of a customer's IT assets' electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Sustainability initiatives often include identifying unnecessary equipment, optimizing infrastructure through consolidation, virtualization and power management; and managing energy use through power sources and policies for data-center equipment, as well as desktops and peripherals; adopting lifecycle-management strategies through procurement planning; and reducing waste of paper and consumables through education and policies.
    • Within the data center, companies can often save more than 25 percent in energy costs. A mid-sized company with 180 servers, for example, could save more than $120,000 annually by consolidating to 30 virtualized servers and optimizing air flow and server placement. Beyond the data center, a mid-sized company with 5,000 PCs could save more than $100,000 per year in energy costs just by implementing appropriate power-management policies. Further, the same company could reduce the cost of paper and consumables by as much as 50 percent by changing the printing default settings to dual-sided, instead of single-sided printing.
  • Fujitsu recently helped Toyota save 43 percent on IT costs in the first year of the solution's implementation and expects even greater savings as it continues to roll out server room and building modifications.
  • Through use of Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures solutions, FlexFrameTM for SAP® and Dynamic Infrastructures for Oracle, which take advantage of virtualization and automation technologies, customers can realize significant reduction in energy consumption while maintaining business continuity and agility.
  • On August 26, Fujitsu announced its Green IT: Global Benchmark research report, which contains findings of the first multi-country survey to determine the maturity of Green IT practices and technologies in large IT-using organizations in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Australia and India. Sponsored by Fujitsu, the maturity assessment enables comparisons of Green IT activity across industry sectors and by country. In the U.S., the benchmarking process highlighted how, when usage can be quantified, advances can be made. The U.S. scored highly in its focus on data-center development and energy efficiency, resulting from the 2006 EPA findings that identified data centers consuming 2 percent of the country's power usage.
  • Both the QuickStart and Green IT Delivery Solution are available now from Fujitsu America. QuickStart evaluations start at $25,000, and the Green IT Delivery Solution pricing is determined by the scope and duration of the customers' objectives.

Jim Bradbury, Vice President of Enterprise Business Services, Fujitsu America:

"For more than 20 years, Fujitsu has held itself to high, measurable standards for environmental sustainability, and we are pleased to help other companies benefit from our experience in implementing successful Green IT solutions. Our new Green IT services in North America will help companies achieve a return on investment in less than a year, since 40 percent of most companies' energy consumption comes from IT systems. We learned from experience that the savings over the years is a direct investment in everyone's future."


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Date: September 01, 2010
City: SUNNYVALE, CA (Marketwire)