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The Fujitsu Way

July 14, 2014

In a complex, competitive and fast-changing world, the Fujitsu Group has flourished for 75 years through simple commitment to its corporate vision, values, and principles. This value system is known as the Fujitsu Way; it embodies the philosophy of the Fujitsu Group and our reason for existence, as well as guiding our daily workplace activities.

Fujitsu places great value on people—customers, employees, and society at large. We make the same commitment to each of our customers: we work with them in the long term to achieve their ambitions responsibly. We’re proud of both our Japanese heritage and our place on the global stage, as well as our responsiveness, flexibility, and agility in providing local service.

While the shape and focus of the Fujitsu group has changed over the decades, our corporate philosophy and ethos have remained constant. As we enter a new chapter of our history, the future of Fujitsu is, and has always been, all about how we can work with our customers to help them shape tomorrow


Date: July 14, 2014