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  7. Fujitsu And WinMagic Deliver Enterprise-Class Security and Manageability for New Full Disk Encryption Hard Drives

Fujitsu And WinMagic Deliver Enterprise-Class Security and Manageability for New Full Disk Encryption Hard Drives

SecureDoc to Manage New Fujitsu Full Disk Encryption Drives Along With Software and Other Hardware Encryption

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Mississauga, ON and Sunnyvale, CA, December 08, 2008

WinMagic Inc., and Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. today announced that their products together provide comprehensive, enterprise-class and manageable security for data-at-rest. The companies’ best-in-class technologies—the WinMagic SecureDoc software and the Fujitsu full disk encryption (FDE) hard disk drive (HDD) technology—provide an advanced security solution to protect data stored on desktop and notebook systems.

The Fujitsu FDE HDD features encryption technology and advanced security functions built directly into the hardware. It addresses organizations’ needs to securely and instantly make data on the drive inaccessible when redeploying or disposing of the physical hardware. The “advanced secure erase” feature immediately invalidates every piece of data by changing the in-drive encryption key. The process takes less than a second and provides the same level of data invalidation as physically destroying the hard disk drive. Whether the laptop is lost or stolen, or an IT administrator uses the advanced secure erase feature, the data on the drive is not recoverable.

The WinMagic solution features centrally manageable security functions through the administration console, SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES). SES offers enterprise-class functions such as 'silent' software installation, interoperability with Active Directory, remote password recovery, policy management, dynamic key provisioning and encryption key management. The collaboration from Fujitsu and WinMagic ensured the compatibility of the software and FDE HDD. This combined solution was developed to meet industry standard and will offer the following benefits:

• The performance of Fujitsu hardware-based encryption with the flexibility to manage these new drives in an enterprise environment including legacy drives (with software encryption) and other manufacturers’ encrypted hard drives.

• Low total cost of ownership. Hardware based encryption can reduce deployment and maintenance requirements, especially when combined with the powerful and flexible administration tools available with SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES).

• Strong AES 256-bit encryption in both the hardware and software.

• ‘Defense-in-depth’ for sensitive data with the ability to supplement the hard disk encryption from Fujitsu with additional SecureDoc encryption. Data within the hard disk can be additionally encrypted for specific users or user groups with file/folder encryption, and/or container encryption. Data moving from the encrypted hard disk can be encrypted with removable media encryption for CDs/DVDs and USB devices – or blocked from movement with port control or disk access control.

• Enhanced security with the integration of SecureDoc’s advanced and multi-factor authentication at pre-boot including PKI, smartcards, TPM, tokens and biometrics.

Fujitsu hard disks will meet the Opal Security Subsystem Class (SSC) specification to be published by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Work Group (SWG) in early 2009. The Opal specification provides an open industry standard that will enhance interoperability and fulfill corporate IT security requirements. SecureDoc Enterprise support of the Fujitsu FDE technology in mixed environments will provide a unique benefit in allowing IT departments to incrementally roll out the new Fujitsu drives as part of a standard refresh plan – aiding compliance with legislation and audit requirements today while future-proofing the solution by including the advanced hardware encryption technology from Fujitsu.

For the past year, Fujitsu has been working closely with independent software vendors like WinMagic, Inc. to build sophisticated features into its FDE solution. The TCG-based Fujitsu HDD provides system administrators the capabilities of remote configuration, feature rich authentication, lost password recovery, multi-user support and separation of administrative and user roles.

“Collaborating with innovative technology leaders like Fujitsu and implementing to the Opal SSC is integral to ‘one server, one agent,’ our comprehensive data security strategy,” said Garry McCracken, vice president of technology partnerships at WinMagic. “Encryption is no longer an optional requirement for most enterprises. Thus, it needs to be accomplished rapidly and reliably at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. We will continue to work with major hardware vendors like Fujitsu to give our customers the best of both worlds – the performance and ease-of-use of hardware encryption along with the enterprise management and extended functions available with SecureDoc.”

“The WinMagic SecureDoc solution complements the value of the Fujitsu FDE drives by providing the central management and control functionality needed to deploy and manage the drives across thousands of machines,” said David James, vice president of advanced product engineering at Fujitsu. “WinMagic has demonstrated thought and technology leadership in the encryption space for more than a decade and continues this tradition in working with Fujitsu on this combined solution.”


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Date: December 08, 2008
City: Mississauga, ON and Sunnyvale, CA
Company: Fujitsu Computer Products of America