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Fujitsu Introduces New 32-bit Microcontroller for Home Appliances

Powerful A/D converter and fine-grained control deliver sophisticated features and optimum energy savings

Fujitsu Semiconductor America Inc.

San Jose, CA, April 04, 2006

Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) today announced the June availability of the latest addition to its FR series of RISC based 32-bit microcontrollers, the MB91470 series. The new series is designed to complement the trend towards advanced, highly sophisticated functionality in home appliances by supporting highly accurate and speedier control. The series delivers energy-efficient, and low-noise operation.

“A current trend in household appliances is to use data from multiple sensors in advanced features, as seen with multiple temperature monitors and added steam in microwave ovens to achieve best results for various foods, and with humidification and air-particle monitoring in air conditioners to deliver high-quality air,” said Akio Nezu, senior marketing manager for the Embedded Products group for Fujitsu Microelectronics. “There is also demand for highly precise temperature control in microwave ovens and induction-heating cooking surfaces, as well as quieter operation in air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and other appliances. Meeting these demands requires the ability to process data from multiple sensors in real time and to provide fine-grained control,” said Nezu.

Industry-leading multiple channel A/D converters operate simultaneously

Fujitsu’s first offering in the series, the MB91F479, includes industry-leading triple ADC modules that support a total of 20 channels of high-performance A/D converters, which permits the microcontroller to accept inputs from as many as 20 sensors. Three of these channels can execute simultaneously. Two of the ADC units have 12-bit resolution, and another one supports 8- or 10-bit resolution to support a highly accurate control requirement. The incorporation of 20 sensors allows the MCU to detect very small changes in data from the sensors and operate very smoothly

12-bit A/D converter and pulse-width modulation provide low-power, quiet operation

The industry’s fastest and most precise 12-bit A/D converters for embedded application are sensitive to the smallest changes, and respond very quickly. These converters operate together with a flexible pulse-width modulation unit that enables smooth and accurate control for the most demanding embedded applications. This combination of features improves power efficiency and provides quieter operation.

Uses the 32-bit FR60 CPU core for processing power

Built around the 80-MHz FR60 – among the industry’s best cores for embedded applications – the MB91F479 operates at high speeds to process complex information in real time. A MAC (Multiplication and Addition Calculator) circuit performs product-sum calculations separate from the CPU, providing faster processing and reducing the total CPU load.

Pricing and Availability

The MB91F479 is manufactured using Fujitsu’s 0.18-micron CMOS process, and packaged in 144-pin LQFPs. Samples will be available in June 2006, with sample prices starting at $15 each.

Click here to download MB91F479 Specifications

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Date: April 04, 2006
City: San Jose, CA
Company: Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc.