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Rabuck Agency

Rabuck Agency finds ScanSnap for Mac

The Rabuck Agency is a well respected, mid-sized, full-service advertising agency based in Los Angeles, Calif. It offers brand development and integration, corporate communications, graphic design, collateral design, creative development, direct marketing, e-mail and e-business solutions, franchisee communications, internet solutions media planning and strategic planning.

As a forward thinking, technologically savvy firm, Rabuck understands the value of streamlining office processes and operational efficiency to improve employee productivity. In an increasingly competitive market it’s especially important for small and mid-sized businesses to do everything in their power to maintain a competitive advantage.

Recognizing that improved document management was one way that it could save time and money, Rabuck turned to the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M Mac compatible scanner. The company placed the scanner in a centrally located, networked workstation. With the configuration, all of Rabuck’s employees could quickly and easily scan paper documents into digital files and to a central folder, in formats including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so that the information contained in those documents could be easily accessed and shared on demand.

Media Buyers Save Time and Reduce Costs

Rabuck began using the ScanSnap to file insertion orders with publications for advertising placements. Prior to using ScanSnap for this important company task, the process was cumbersome and slow. The media buyer handling the request had to create the order electronically, print it out, fax it to the publication, wait for their contact to sign it and fax it back, and then re-fax the order to the publication for processing. In addition to being slow and unreliable, the faxing also incurred long distance phone charges. Most importantly, often after the document had been faxed several times, readability was severely diminished, sometimes past the point of being legible. Given that each Rabuck media buyer handles several insertion orders a day, the process would often consume valuable work time and slow productivity on a daily basis.

After the ScanSnap was installed, Rabuck media buyers immediately began using it with outstanding results. The scanner offered an alternative to faxing that was faster, easier and cheaper. Now when media buyers want to place an insertion order, they simply place the appropriate documents in ScanSnap’s 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF), press the “scan” button and then send an e-mail with the resulting digital files to all of the applicable parties. Rabuck estimates its staff saves about 20-25 hours per month using ScanSnap for the insertion order process. Furthermore, they now have an electronic record of sending their documents.

In addition to using ScanSnap to improve their process for filing and processing insertion orders, Rabuck’s accounting department also used ScanSnap to create an electronic filing system, maximizing the use of digital documents due to limited physical storage space.

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  • Replace cumbersome and slow file insertion orders process for advertising placements with a more streamlined, electronic method.
  • Create an electronic filing system, maximizing the use of digital documents due to limited physical storage space.


  • Saved 20-25 hours per month using ScanSnap for the insertion order process.
  • Rabuck is now able to create electronic records for all of its insertion orders and produce electronic confirmations and paper trail.