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Morgan Street Document Systems

Morgan Street Document Systems - Helping Individuals Protect, Share and Preserve Their Document Legacy

Morgan Street Document Systems - Helping Individuals Protect, Share and Preserve Their Document Legacy

Morgan Street Document Systems, the premier provider of personalized, web-based, document management services, helps individuals and their advisors organize, share and protect financial, legal, estate, insurance and legacy documents. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, with offices spanning over the east, west, and mid-west regions, Morgan Street recognized that the amount of paper-based information that individuals manage on an onoing basis, continues to increase by overwhelming amounts. In fact, most individuals have thousands of pages of critical documents that require preservation and protection, but lack an organizational system capable of handling the load.

"With success comes complexity," said Glenn Shimkus, Chief Technology Officer, Morgan Street Document Systems. "Acknowledging the massive amount of information that our clients need to manage was the driver in exploring a document management solution. Most successful individuals today have a multitude of advisors and thousands of pages of documents and digital assets—all critical to their business, financial, legal and personal matters. These vital documents need to be easily accessible and secure; so having a capable organizational system becomes essential."

Preserving and maintaining documents that are traditionally filed by hand and into filing cabinets or archived for safe keeping, is often a cumbersome task that relies on time consuming, informal, ad-hoc, and paper-based methods. Morgan Street developed a solution that simplifies the document management process for individuals who need it most. Morgan Street's highly-secure, web-based environment paired with a sophisticated document imaging solution enables users to access their information anytime from anywhere, retrieve information quickly and efficiently, as well as share specific documents instantly with family member or advisors, avoiding the need for shipping or faxing.

Discovering a Success Essential Solution

The goal for Morgan Street is to help clients overcome their paper-based organizational hurdles by taking them from a manual filing system to a sophisticated and capable digital document management program. In order to do this, they built a comprehensive visual document catalog and an intuitive web-based application using Microsoft SharePoint. The solution organizes information into an easily accessible, completely secure, digital online vault. In addition, Morgan Street provides their clients with the services of highly-trained document specialists (Personal Archivists™). Personal Archivists are responsible for defining the archival needs of each individual client as well as digitizing and organizing often thousands of pages of physical documents such as contracts, financial statements and wills.

To support it's rapidly growing customer document scanning needs, Morgan Street needed to provide its Personal Archivists with a flexible, easy-to-use environment to convert their clients existing paper-based documents into digital files to be uploaded into Morgan Street digital vaults. Morgan Street turned to Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc., a company with a reputation for providing reliable and high-valued document imaging products, and obtained a variety of document-imaging scanners including Fujitsu fi-6140, ScanSnap S300 and S510, high-performance, double-sided color scanners.

"The implementation of these scanners helped to better manage documents and save on operation costs by scanning & converting paper-based files into electronic format for easy accessibility and electronic filing. Our Personal Archivists scan at least 2,000 pages per day for our clients and have adopted the use of Fujitsu scanners to make our business more efficient," said Shimkus. "Our clients require their documents to be scanned quickly and accurately and these scanners have delivered on both accounts."

The Fujitsu scanners offer Morgan Street Personal Archivists and their clients the perfect balance of speed and versatility. The Fujitsu fi-6140 is a heavy-duty scanner that the Personal Archivists use for high-volume scanning when creating new client vaults. Its reliable, fast, double-side scanning and paper protection technology allow Personal Archivists to safeguard valuable documents. Additionally, Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 and S510 scanners are also used by the Personal Archivists and their clients as well. These scanners aid clients and Personal Archivists in maintaining their vaults and taking control of their documents from home or while on the road. Both models are equipped with a high-speed automatic document feeder (ADF) and require little to no setup, are easy to use, intuitive, and immediately scan documents to PDF at the touch of a button. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 mobile scanner is ideal for clients who spend a lot of time traveling because the scanner can be powered via USB and conveniently fits in a briefcase or suitcase due to its compact size.

"Our Personal Archivists scan a great deal of documents using a content management platform that offers the performance they need," said Shimkus. "Microsoft SharePoint combined with Fujitsu document imaging products enables Morgan Street to achieve unprecedented productivity gains and organizational results. The integration allows our clients to go paperless and in turn protect, share and preserve the information that is critical to their lives and future generations."


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  • Create a document management solution that streamlines and eliminates inefficiencies of cluttered, cumbersome filing methods
  • Enable quick and easy access to large, scattered document base


  • Replaced large filing cabinets with digital, secure online document vault
  • Clients can locate and access all crucial documents online anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce operational costs by replacing traditional manual filing methods with sophisticated, electronic document management system