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Couri Insurance

Couri Insurance increases efficiency and improves customer satisfaction with Fujitsu scanners and StoneRiver software

Insurance agents are constantly operating in a paper-intensive environment that requires them to collect, protect and archive numerous documents that are imperative to processing claims. For Couri Insurance in Waukesha, Wisconsin they were not left out of this constant paper battle.

Couri Insurance is the oldest and most successful associate agency group in the Midwest. Established as a one man shop in 1970, Couri has now grown to one of the largest insurance agencies in the Midwest across ten states –Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. Couri Insurance has a very large book of business, and represents some of the finest, and most aggressive insurance carriers in the nation. With a successful insurance practice comes paper, and lots of it.

The Couri Waukesha office alone handles thousands of documents every year. Everything from applications, policy terms and renewal notices to claims documentation and declaration pages. Aside from document handling, these records must be kept for seven years, based on Wisconsin government mandates. It’s easy to see how this volume can quickly create a paper crisis.

"Managing the deluge of paper generated by our practice is a continual concern," said Randy Vogler, insurance agent at Couri Insurance. "We could spend hours locating a misfiled document, so having prompt and accurate information retrieval is paramount to increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of doing business in this document-intensive industry."

For Couri Insurance Waukesha, it was time to implement a document imaging solution to increase efficiency, security and access to documents while eliminating excessive time and dollar costs associated with the paper-based system.

Solution: Business Process Automation Solution for the Paperless Enterprise

Once Couri made a commitment to an electronic document management system, they began exploring software solution options—one being FSC Manager. After being impressed with its capabilities and ease of use, Couri made the decision to go with the StoneRiver - FSC solution, FSC Manager, specialized for the insurance sector and asked for scanner recommendations with its software.

Based off StoneRiver - FSC recommendation and taking place of their flatbed scanners, Couri Insurance selected the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner over competing products based on its ability to provide a simple, fast and easy to use method for converting information contained on paper into digital image files with the push of a button. Its convenience, connectivity, ability to scan multiple pages automatically and small footprint allow it to sit comfortably on the desk of every person in the office.

"We recommend Fujitsu scanners to accompany our FSC Manager because of their document imaging reputation for superior image quality, paper handling, dependability to complete the task with limited support, performance to price point, and scanning speed," said Jennifer Thompson, Product Analyst, StoneRiver - FSC. "The Fujitsu scanners coupled with our FSC Manager software, makes a perfect solution for the insurance industry."

Couri Insurance implemented FSC Manager software along with 22 Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners throughout their Waukesha, Wisconsin office. With this installment, Couri Insurance can now capture any electronic insurance documents as received in real-time, automatically index, assign individual document types, electronically route, and simultaneously share digital claim documents with insurance carriers and agents across the regions.

"The ScanSnap scanner and FSC Manager solution has become an invaluable asset to this firm," said Vogler. "We see the Fujitsu ScanSnap as the most efficient gateway to the electronic filing cabinet. Every day, we integrate new claims into our FSC Manager software application providing all parties with simultaneous access to information on demand."

Benefits: Implementation Saves Costs and Increases Productivity

Since the installation of the first ScanSnap scanner, Couri Insurance has installed one at every work station in its Waukesha office. Every piece of inbound or outbound correspondence is scanned and subsequently routed to an appropriate central network folder within FSC Manager. The firm has created a comprehensive virtual filing cabinet providing quick and easy access to scanned information. Through the implementation of the ScanSnap scanner, Couri Insurance has improved file accuracy, reduced file search time and achieved substantial cost savings with reductions in shipping expenses, postage costs, fax charges and storage fees.

"We’ve seen a significant savings in labor and a decrease in personnel downtime because we no longer need to spend hours locating and creating files and processing claims," said Vogler. "We now have a smoother, more efficient and cost-effective process. We can virtually scan, index and retrieve all at the same time."

The Fujitsu ScanSnap is a true testament to Fujitsu document imaging technology, and marks an achievement for the insurance services industry. Paper-intensive tasks have many pitfalls and can cost an organization in many ways due to costly, error-prone and time-consuming manual processes. With the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner and FSC Manager, Couri Insurance has significantly increased the efficiency of its organizational infrastructure, creating a much more effective method of accurately capturing and managing insurance data, which provides the firm with an opportunity to better serve its clients.

Couri Insurance


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  • Create a more effective method for accurately capturing and managing overwhelming flow of insurance documentation
  • Improve agent efficiency by lowering personnel downtime spent locating and retrieving claim records within large volumes of documents
  • Reduce excessive dollar costs associated with paper-based infrastructure and processes


  • Scanned documents are now automatically indexed and electronically routed, so agents in different regions simultaneously access and share claims
  • Comprehensive virtual filing cabinet provides quick and easy access to scanned information and decreases labor costs spent searching for information
  • Achieved substantial cost savings by cutting shipping expenses, postage costs, fax charges, and storage fees