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Colorado Center for Photomedicine

Medical Director designs virtually paperless operations with EMR system and Fujitsu scanners

Dr. David Verebelyi is the founding physician and Medical Director of The Colorado Center for Photomedicine, located south of Denver in Highlands Ranch, CO. The Center serves the needs of more than 3,000 patients and acts as a regional hub providing light based medical and aesthetic procedures within the dermatology field. Having grown steadily since its opening in 2005, Dr. Verebelyi designed his practice from its inception to be a virtually paper-less operation by leveraging the latest in electronic medical record (EMR) and document scanning technology. In order to operate efficiently in the billing office while providing quality clinical care, they rely on technologies designed by Fujitsu and PatientNow.

The Colorado Center for Photomedicine was designed from the ground up to utilize innovative scanning and EMR technologies, therefore, many of the growing pains of migrating from legacy, paper-based processes were avoided. Prior to opening his own practice, Dr. Verebelyi had the benefit of more than four years of experience at a clinic that labored with a combination of file cabinets and homegrown patient record systems. During this timeframe, he was able to closely evaluate these methods and the opportunity cost that they evoked upon patient care and customer service. Valuable amounts of time that could have been spent caring for patients had to be diverted on document filing and retrieval. Taking this into account, Dr. Verebelyi made it his goal to implement a records management technology that would best suit his patient and practice needs.

By relying on the robust hardware of the Fujitsu fi-6130 Sheet-Fed Scanner and the EMR and practice management software, PatientNow, The Center has been able to keep pace with the industry’s steady growth and maintain its commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care. Paper documents, generated inside and outside of The Center such as invoices, consultant data, and research materials are ingested into the system easily using the Fujitsu fi-6130, chosen for its speed, versatility, scanning quality, advanced paper handling, and trusted brand. Patient encounter forms and clinical history data can be accessed via PatientNow with a few simple clicks.

"For a very brief period of time, we were using an all-in-one device that wasn’t benefiting our needs. It was a hassle and a waste of time trying to deal with messy paper jams and poorly scanned images day-to-day," said Dr. Verebelyi. "Realizing that Fujitsu has a steadfast reputation for reliability and customer service, we reached out to them to supply us with the proper hardware solution to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Combining the Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner with PatientNow software gives us the freedom to record and generate information at the point of origin."

Not only does the Fujitsu fi-6130 deliver uncompromised performance, but it was also easy to install and deploy, allowing for a seamless integration within Dr. Verebelyi’s clinic. Compared to other workgroup scanning devices on the market which are often cumbersome and unreliable, the Fujitsu fi-6130 has a small footprint, allowing The Center to conserve both space and budget. Its compact size doesn’t diminish its value as it is fully equipped with an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that allows The Center’s staff to scan multiple documents at once in a wide variety of weights, shapes, and sizes, including insurance cards, medical forms, etc. The scanner is designed to perform at unwavering speeds in color and monochrome at high resolutions in order to capture even the slightest details on sensitive health records that often fade or deteriorate over time

"We have always been on the forefront of technology and by using Fujitsu hardware and PatientNow software as our EMR; we are experiencing the true benefits of having a paperless, high tech office," said Dr. Verebelyi. "Since using the Fujitsu fi-6130, we’ve been able to scan 50-100 documents a day without any delay. The combination of the two technologies permits us to run the office more efficiently and with less staff, which gives us a considerable business advantage. Most importantly these advances allow us to offer substantially better patient care."

While storage of paper-based patient files has never been a financial drain for the Colorado Center for Photomedicine, Dr. Verebelyi believes his practice has been able to effectively manage its expenses by streamlining its processes and eliminating an estimated $35,000 annually due to more efficient staff production.

"I have been able to keep my front office staff at a minimum because we don’t have to spend time filing or pulling office documents, nor do we have to pay a staff member the overtime for tracking down or replacing missing documents," said Dr. Verebelyi. "The system really shows its value when you notice how much faster the office runs because files are so easily organized and shared."

The intuitive PatientNow interface and ease of use of Fujitsu hardware make it possible for The Center staff to have immediate and universal access to patient information. It is this technology backbone that has allowed the Colorado Center for Photomedicine, and Dr. Verebelyi, to focus on providing the quality of care that has made them so successful and highly sought-after in the Rocky Mountain Territory.

"We’ve saved precious time leveraging this device and software. There is less paperwork to file and less time spent retrieving these files. Without a doubt, the Fujitsu fi-6130 and PatientNow have been a natural fit for us and have delivered on all accounts, benefiting The Center’s workflow and most importantly, our patients."

Colorado Center for Photomedicine


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  • Implement a records management system that optimizes office workflow
  • Eliminate hassles and inefficiencies associated with error prone all-in-one devices (i.e. paper jams and poor image scanning quality)
  • Improve patient care and staff efficiency by reducing time spent on document filing and retrieval


  • All patient and clinical data is easily scanned at the point of origin and accessed via PatientNow with a few simple clicks
  • Reliable scanning hardware scans 50-100 documents a day in high quality without any delays, increasing office speed
  • The Center estimates annual savings of $35,000 due to higher production with minimum required staff