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  5. Fujitsu transforms SAP rollout failures into success for global supply chain management provider

Fujitsu transforms SAP rollout failures into success for global supply chain management provider

Company Profile

The client is a leading provider of end-to-end global supply chain management solutions with a network of facilities spanning more than 30 countries.

Business Challenges

The company contacted Fujitsu after several unsuccessful attempts at global rollouts of SAP applications including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), FI/CO (Finance and Control), and HR (Human Resources). The failed implementations were due in large part to problems relating to their testing processes. Although the company had invested heavily in HP tools, including Quality Center and QuickTest Professional, they were not able to take advantage of their full capabilities for several reasons. For example:

  • The company lacked formal automated testing experience.
  • The current business processes had not been validated and had thus contributed to failed testing efforts.
  • No formal ERP testing framework which resulted in:
  • The organization’s regression test approach lacking structure and rigor
  • The existing non-ERP test methodology was not robust enough to govern a successful ERP implementation
  • No formal test processes were in place to govern the integration of these tools into their environment
  • Resources lacked the requisite ERP testing experience

By the time Fujitsu came on board, the client had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to implement the tools, which resulted in the development of automated suites that didn’t meet their needs and scripts that were not robust, reusable, or maintainable. The wasted time and inefficient resource allocation had a detrimental impact on their global rollout schedule.

Fujitsu Solution

The Fujitsu Quality Assurance and Testing (QAT) consultants began by laying out an overall approach for a successful deployment that included validating the testing approach while simultaneously laying the testing foundation. Fujitsu provided a full SAP test landscaping service for managing the company’s data and environment that included creating on-demand data for executing large numbers of test cases in an automated, data-driven, repeatable fashion.

The next step was to execute a proof-of-concept to validate the feasibility of automation in the client’s environment. This included setting up a reusable automation regression testing framework based on Fujitsu’s ERP SafetyCheck framework and integrating Fujitsu’s QuickTest Professional test accelerators and tools with it. The pilot was completed within nine weeks and proved so successful, the client engaged Fujitsu for additional services.

Business Benefits

As a result of the work done with Fujitsu, the company has been able to:

  • Validate a robust testing approach that focuses on their current business model
  • Implement a sound smoke test strategy to accelerate the regression test life-cycle
  • Enhance their in-house expertise, infrastructure, and capacity
  • Demonstrate a measurable return on their investment in the HP toolsets
  • Build a foundation of success for moving forward

The combination of process improvements and tools integration provided by the Fujitsu framework will now enable the client to successfully meet the complexity and scaling challenges of their global SAP rollout strategy.


  • Manufacturing

Offering Groups:

  • Consulting

Solution Areas:

  • Business Applications


  • United States


  • Failed attempts at global SAP implementations due to problems with testing processes


  • Robust testing approach
  • Sound smoke test strategy
  • Enhanced in-house expertise
  • Infrastructure and capacity
  • ROI in HP toolset