“Our mission is to provide customers with pleasant, safe and secure shopping experiences in the new normal. We´re working with Fujitsu to create new shopping models”

Minoru Yamamoto, Executive Office and General of System Planning Division, AEON RETAIL
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Artificial Intelligence enable new shopping experiences


AEON RETAIL, headerqurater in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture in Japan, plays a central role in general merchandise store ( GMS) buisness of the AEON Group, a major distributor and retailer.


AEON RETAIL is facing a challenging business environment, from intensifying competition and labor shortages through to the operational difficulties created by COVID-19. They need to reduce labor cost and optimize their store operations by exploiting digital technologies. As part of this smart store initiative, AEON RETAIL has introduced an AI-based solution for analyzing video data from its in-store cameras.


  • Analyze video data from cameras to monitor in-store congestion and avoid ‘the three Cs’ (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings)
  • Estimate the age of customers from video data, for example to prevent under-age purchasing of alcoholic beverages
  • Identify customers who want to purchase and need assistance, notifying store staff to improve sales efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Analyze data, including customer attributes and behavior, to support the planning of optimal layouts and product lineups


  • Based on a proof-of-concept solution, the system is now being deployed to 76 AEON and AEON STYLE stores across Japan
  • By integrating with pedestrian-flow simulation technology, services will be further enhanced to realize improved shopping experiences in the new normal era
  • AI-based store operations have created an environment where store staff can improve their customer service

Download Full Case Study PDF