Fujitsu has provided a flexible, easy-to-use, and accurate AI solution that has transformed how we analyze samples, speeding the process and eliminating human error.

Eric Capodanno, Scientific Director, Phytocontrol
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Ensuring food safety and boosting healthy living with AI


Phytocontrol is an independent company, which specializes in water and food safety, offering a range of contaminant analyses for clients in the agriculture and agrifood, water, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals sectors.


Analyzing samples is a vital way to ensure there are no contaminants present in foodstuffs, however, it takes time and is prone to human error. Phytocontrol wanted to use AI to automate the analysis.


  • Fujitsu AI platform for automated chromatography sample analysis
  • Integrated with a newly installed ERP platform to bring data-analytics closer to business operations


  • Samples can be processed much faster
  • AI platform eliminates human error
  • Intuitive and familiar interface makes it easy to use
  • Extensible, adaptable, and integrated approach enables digital transformation
  • Solution can be extended to other contaminants

Download Full Case Study PDF

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