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St. Andrew’s College

"Fujitsu and Microsoft OneNote are the best kept secret in education. Together, they are revolutionizing how we teach"

Steve Rush IT Director, St. Andrew’s College

The customer

As an independent school, St. Andrew’s College prides itself on the innovative ways in which it teaches students, using collaborative, activity-based, boy-friendly learning along with cutting-edge technology to engage and inspire. The school has been teaching boys for more than a century and excels in academics, the arts, athletics, and co-curricular programing that is amongst the most varied and comprehensive of any private school in Canada.

The challenge

St. Andrew’s College is engaged in an ongoing mission to fully integrate the best collaborative communication technology into the classroom. It needed a flexible, high-performing tablet for its faculty members and students.

The solution

The school has partnered with Fujitsu to equip students and teachers with LIFEBOOK convertible tablets. With the latest refresh of the technology, St. Andrew’s College has upgraded to the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902.

The benefit

  • Tablets boast elegant and slimline design with a quiet, responsive, and reliable Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Battery life extends to seven hours of constant use, covering an entire school day 
  • Enhanced build quality led to a 70 percent reduction in repairs increased performance means the tablet can easily handle demanding applications such as video editing 
  • Inkable tablet led to a 60 percent decrease in paper use