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Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

"They gave us a cost effective reliable solution. We’re better equipped to face today’s real world problems."

Ricky Vaughn Infrastructure Manager, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

The customer

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is composed of the metropolitan area of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. Together they cover five hundred sixty square miles with over seven hundred law enforcement vehicles. The need for instant access to time critical information is a necessity for all police departments, and Richy Vaughn, MNPD information manager, recognized the need to arm his police force with the essential tools to protect the continuously growing metropolitan area. Vaughn’s vision would provide tools to enable officers with real-time inquiries on suspect information, view photos, communicate instantly and submit reports quickly and easily.

The challenge

The Metropolitan Nashville Police department was working with old technology but asked to deal with new communication goals that are required for them to do their tasks today.

The solution

The Brite Fujitsu solution provides the police force a semi-rugged, durable and compact unit in an ergonomic swing away mount which can withstand the challenges of working out in the field.

The benefit

  • Squad cars used by the MNPD have now become mobile offices