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Product Security Overview

Your information is safe with us

At Fujitsu, we are just as concerned about the security of your data and sensitive information as you are. Security is one of the most critical factors to consider, from building or re-designing IT infrastructure to keeping your workforce mobile. The more paths there are into your network, the more difficult it is to protect it.

For enterprise products, we provide integrated system management hardware and software, sophisticated storage encryption, security management software, and a range of infrastructure-level software solutions.

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For mobile products, we offer a combination of security options to ensure notebooks and tablets can only be accessed by authorized persons. From lock slots on your mobile computers to prevent them from “walking” away, to hardware and software solutions that can secure your hard drive and simplify authorized access to the swipe of a finger, Fujitsu keeps mobile computing safe.

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Fujitsu is your trusted partner for making security simple. We offer multiple services that help create a secure environment for both mobile and enterprise products. Fujitsu can implement backup scenarios that keep your data safe from unexpected catastrophes, as well as securely migrate your data from outdated legacy systems to modern, more easily secured platforms. You can delegate implementations to Fujitsu, allowing your staff to stay focused on more important tasks — such as security. Fujitsu can also provide security assessments, as well as help set up and run your security management systems.

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