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Reliability Overview

The more you depend on technology, the more reliability matters

The more you depend on technology, the more reliability matters At Fujitsu, quality is our first consideration, from design planning to assembly, production, and maintenance. As a result, we produce highly reliable products, along with world-class services to help you reduce risk and improve performance.
  • We deliver long-term, sustainable customer satisfaction by leveraging our product development and technology integration expertise over a wide spectrum of IT situations.
  • Our R&D budget for mobile and enterprise products is one of the highest in the industry, giving you the latest features and technologies.
  • To ensure product reliability and compliance with international standards, we thoroughly test components and systems in our own certified test centers.
  • This uncompromising dedication to quality and reliability gives you less downtime, greater productivity, and an improved bottom line. And it has made us one of the world’s top five providers of PCs and servers, and one of the top three providers of IT services.
  • The Fujitsu Enterprise Computer HeritageOpen a new window shows the developments that led to the rich variety of successful technologies which ensure top line reliability and performance in today's business environments.

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