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Environmentally-Friendly Storage Products

Boost your storage density per watt

Fujitsu offers a combination of well-recognized techniques and features so you can store the most data in the smallest space with the least amount of energy consumption: data compression, capacity utilization, Virtual LUN and Massive Array of Interactive Disks (MAID) technologies, along with some completely new storage breakthroughs.

  • The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS® DX60 S2Open a new window is a compact, low-power, entry-level disk arrays with 60 percent fewer parts compared to previous models. Offers up to 43 percent reduction in energy consumption compared with previous systems, and includes an "Eco-Mode" setting.
  • We provide data compression in two different product lines. The iSCSI replication ports on ETERNUS storage systems support data compression to reduce bandwidth needs and increase speeds during data transfers. In addition, the Fujitsu-Siemens ETERNUS CS virtual tape appliance uses a form of virtualization to store compressed data on hard drives, offloading it to tape drive archives as needed.
  • While data is being transmitted, iSCSI-to-iSCSI remote connections can reduce energy usage by eliminating the need for additional devices used for encryption, and WAN optimization. This is made possible by ETERNUS storage systems’ internal data security, encryption options and data management capabilities.
  • Our Virtual LUN technology improves both the capacity utilization and the mobility of ETERNUS storage systems. Better utilization of storage capacity saves energy by requiring less hardware for the same capacity.
  • The Massive Array of Idle Disks (MAID) technology in ETERNUS storage systems spins down inactive disks, saving energy by reducing power and cooling requirements.

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