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Environmentally-Friendly Software Products

Software automates processes that aid compliance with environmental laws

Every enterprise must demonstrate compliance with local environmental, health, and safety laws in the regions of the world where they do business. Many enterprises also want to keep close track of internal business processes that directly impinge on environmental issues. Fujitsu InterstageOpen a new window® business process management software helps automate such processes. It lets organizations define, track and report on the processes that demonstrate compliance and sustainability, such as audit scheduling and the actual audit process.

  • The complexity of complying with multiple national and corporate environmental compliance standards demands that business process management software provides extensive capabilities to manage and track compliance-related processes accurately and in real-time. Equally important is the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing regulations or corporate requirements, minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations.
  • As the fourth largest IT service provider and the fifth largest software company, Fujitsu has over 16 years of experience in business process management. We are known for our strong technology heritage and excellent global support.
  • The Fujitsu proven, best-in-class Interstage Business Process Manager (BPM)Open a new window software can help mitigate the risk and consequences of non-compliance with environmental and other regulations. It can also help reduce the implementation time and cost of compliance solutions by adopting a uniform approach that leverages your existing systems. We can help you tailor business processes to meet your company’s needs for both corporate and governmental requirements.
  • In keeping with the Fujitsu commitment to stay environmentally conscious, we have created processes to deal with environmental accounting. This complex set of calculations depends on automating and managing a number of business processes to evaluate the costs and benefits associated with environmental conservation. At Fujitsu, our costs might include the restoration of contaminated soil in environmental remediation efforts and handling banned substances in products during R&D. Benefits might include proceeds from the sale of unnecessary resources with a material value, increases in the cost reductions associated with our Green Process activities, or risk avoidance effects from the prevention of water pollution.

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