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Environmentally-Friendly Services

Fujitsu world-class services reduce your IT energy needs

With over 30 years of experience, the Fujitsu Professional Services team can address the specific energy and capacity utilization needs of your enterprise. We can help you evaluate how much power usage your data center will support, design your operations and suggest proven strategies for more efficient resource utilization. We will also provide products and services to carry out these strategies.

  • Our server consolidation, storage migration, and storage consolidation services can save energy use in your data center and centralize management by consolidating multiple pieces of physical hardware into fewer units.
  • Server consolidation can be done by a combination of physical and virtualization techniques. These well-known methods for decreasing energy use in the data center consolidate multiple older servers into one newer physical unit—with more performance and memory per watt—that hosts multiple physical and/or virtual servers. This can be achieved on PRIMERGY® servers with VMware and other virtualization software, and on PRIMEQUEST® servers via hard and soft partitioning.
  • Storage consolidation increases storage density per watt. This can be done by physically consolidating older, lower capacity, less efficient storage units into a newer, higher-capacity, more power-efficient storage system.
  • Consolidating storage can also be done by utilizing shared instead of dedicated storage, helping you reduce your hardware needs and better utilize available capacity. Shared storage is accessed by individual users over the network, using storage area network (SAN)-attached storage systems. This type of storage consolidation reduces total hardware and the energy required to power and cool it, as well as making it easier to manage centrally.
  • Another way to consolidate storage is by virtualization. Storage virtualization pools multiple physical storage resources into a single logical resource, saving energy usage and centralizing management. Fujitsu accomplishes this with a storage virtualization switch, the VS900.
  • The sophisticated MAID technology in Fujitsu ETERNUS® systems can be used to save power by spinning down drives when not in use. To best optimize the way your data center uses MAID, we can help you develop a tiered storage implementation based on your data usage patterns.

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