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Electronic Devices

Fujitsu's long experience in electronic device technology has led the company to the forefront of system-on-chip technology. Fujitsu is putting particular emphasis on embedded processors for automobiles and security-related products, such as fingerprint sensors. Fujitsu also supplies specialized chips and components, including compound semiconductors used in optical communications applications.

Fujitsu offers electronic devices for the broadband Internet market in fields such as network/mobile devices for mobile, automotive, SOHO infrastructures; digital consumer electronics such as digital TVs and set-top boxes, and information devices such as PCs, servers, and their peripherals

Fujitsu Components America, Inc.
Distributing electromechanical and solid state relays, thermal printer mechanisms, and keyboards, input and pointing devices.

Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc.
Performing design, manufacturing and sales of advanced semiconductor products & other electronic devices. Providing marketing and administrative support to its subsidiaries.

PFU Systems, Inc.
PFU Systems focuses on developing System-On-Module (SOM) components, including the Plug-N-Run™ products for embedded computing markets. PFU Systems provides its customers with high performance, low power, and ultra-compact SOM components.