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Program Structure and Requirements

The SELECT Partner Program has a very straightforward structure:

SELECT Partner Program
Becoming a Partner is the easiest, fastest way to start working with us. The SELECT Partner Program offers a wide range of benefits including online training and privileged access to price lists and marketing tools. Partners simply have to register themselves on the Fujitsu America Channel Partner Portal, and have sold one of our products or solutions within the last six months. 

Select partner diagram

SELECT Registered Partner
The SELECT Registered Partner level gives you access to additional benefits such as a dedicated SELECT Partner Manager, sales incentives and advanced technical resources. It requires certification in Fujitsu America SERVER and STORAGE, and/or CLIENT COMPUTING DEVICES, and/or RETAIL, and the completion of a business profile.

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SELECT Expert Partner
As a SELECT Registered Partner, you can also apply to become a SELECT Expert based on the development path you would like to advance in.

As a SELECT Registered Partner with certification in SERVER and STORAGE, you can specialize in: Server Infrastructures – Server Certification (Expert) in advanced installation and configuration of Fujitsu servers and blade servers, Storage Infrastructures – Storage Certification (Expert) around powerful Fujitsu storage solutions and Solution Infrastructure – Data Solutions/Office Solutions Certification around Fujitsu virtualization and automation technologies.

As a SELECT Registered Partner with certification in CLIENT COMPUTING DEVICES, you can specialize in: Mobility Solutions – Mobility Certification (Expert), in offering product and vertical market solutions for mobile computing, Workstations – Workstations Certification (Expert), in focusing on solutions and vertical markets of those powerful devices for high-end graphics applications, Client Virtualization – Virtualization Certification (Expert) – building virtual client infrastructures is one of the hottest topics in IT. Specialization in this field will prove your competence in the most advanced IT concepts.

As a SELECT Registered Partner with certification in RETAIL, you can specialize in: Point of Sale (Expert), or U-SCAN® (Expert). Becoming certified in these areas will give you confidence when discussing our retail-hardened terminals and how they deliver advanced performance, high-definition graphics and reduced power consumption to ensure retailers get the most out of their investment. 

SELECT Expert is our highest partnership level and offers a range of exclusive resources including tailored lead generation, additional sales and technical resources, and invitations to special events.

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