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Implementing CSR Activities Utilizing ISO 26000

Implementing CSR Activities Utilizing ISO 26000

Strengthening Global CSR Management in the Fujitsu Group

In order to engage in CSR activities integrated with management, since FY 2012 the Fujitsu Group, along with the major departments below, have conducted CSR surveys based on ISO 26000, the international standard for social responsibility, aimed at Group companies in Japan and overseas.

The purpose of this monitoring is to ensure that our two initiatives of risk mitigation and value creation are taken up at all Group companies. First, in terms of risk mitigation, we will establish prevention and correction processes (due diligence) to minimize the effects of latent human rights and labor practice risks, including in our supply chain, which may negatively impact our corporate value. And, in terms of value creation, we contribute to solving issues facing regional societies, while maximally leveraging Group resources and undertaking activities conducive to generating value in the entire Group.

ISO 26000 Project Organization (Project office: CSR Division)
ISO 26000 (The seven core subjects) Department(s) in charge
Organizational Governance FUJITSU Way Office, CSR Division, Corporate Affairs and Risk Management Unit
Human Rights Diversity Promotion Office
Labor Practices Human Resources Unit
The Environment Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit
Fair Operating Practices Legal, Compliance & IP Unit, Corporate Purchasing Unit
Consumer Issues (for customers) Marketing Strategy Unit, Corporate Affairs and Risk Management Unit, Corporate Quality Management Unit
Community Involvement and Development Corporate Affairs and Risk Management Unit

In FY 2017, we are following up on the previous year's efforts by implementing a CSR management system for Group companies, structured as shown below. Specifically, while assessing the expectations and demands toward issues by each company's stakeholders, we will implement autonomous and continuous improvement processes through the CSR management system in each company in cooperation with the major departments listed above by supporting the formulation of goals and action plans, as well as the execution of initiatives aimed at those issues.

Chart Showing CSR Management System Operation

Chart Showing CSR Management System Operation
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Continuous Efforts and Future Development of CSR Surveys based on ISO26000

Following on from last year, we are conducting our 5th CSR (ISO26000)/Governance Survey at 101 key Fujitsu Group companies both inside and outside Japan (75 Japanese and 26 overseas companies). As this is the fifth year of undertaking this survey, and following discussions with the major departments mentioned above, the content of the questions this year was revised to better ascertain the actual status of CSR activities and to more clearly identify the problems that must be addressed in the future. In particular, having identified issues with activities in areas such as "Community", "Governance" and "Environment" at many Asian companies in previous surveys, we are confirming the results at each company by conducting interviews, etc. We are also working to enhance CSR activities that are synchronized with the individual measures for each of the major departments.

Making use of this survey, we will continuously scrutinize management issues in accordance with the status of each Group company and based on the 7 core subjects of ISO26000. In addition, while constructing a PDCA cycle for headquarters and Group companies, we will progress the organization of the CSR promotional framework throughout the Group.

Secular Changes in the Entire Group (image)

Secular Changes in the Entire Group (image)

Survey Results by Theme (image) (Example below covers "Human Rights" and "Labor Practices")

Survey Results by Theme (image)
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