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Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management

Our employees are the greatest assets of the Fujitsu Group. In order to continually exist as a corporation where each employee can increase his/her own value and work with a feeling of pride/fulfillment, labor and management are working together to strategically ensure safety and maintain/improve health.

Health Management Initiatives

In order to achieve the corporate principles listed in the Fujitsu Way and to implement Health Management while integrating work style reform and diversity management, we have established a new Fujitsu Group Health Statement which clearly positions employee health as the foundation of management. Furthermore, based on internal activities taken up to this point, we are strategically enhancing the maintenance and improvement of health for employees and their families.

Fujitsu Group Health Statement

The Fujitsu Group aims to create an environment where every employee, healthy in both mind and body, can work with enthusiasm. In order to bring about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world, the company will continually challenge to pursue innovation and contribute to a comfortable and secure network society.

Health Management

Policy Objectives

  1. Fujitsu will further strengthen the ongoing health maintenance and improvement measures while proactively supporting the autonomous health management of each employee.
  2. In coordination with measures to promote diversity and transform the ways people work, Fujitsu will comprehensively promote a range of initiatives including health maintenance and improvement for employees and their families, the achievement of work-life balance, increased productivity, and the creation of workplaces where diverse employees can thrive.
  3. By providing ICT to enhance health management, Fujitsu will contribute to improved health and productivity for employees, customers, and the society as a whole.

Structure for Promoting Health Management

Structure of Health Management Promotion System

The Fujitsu Group has established the five priority measures listed below by stationing health management staff at Fujitsu and domestic Group companies, and by cooperating with Fujitsu Health Insurance Society. We are implementing health support activities to maintain/enhance health and to heighten health literacy (elements regarding health) for employees (including retired employees) and their families.

  1. Measures against lifestyle diseases
  2. Measures against cancer
  3. Mental health measures
  4. Measures against smoking
  5. Reform of workplace environment, etc., and raising of health awareness

Priority Measures and Initiatives

Implementing Health and Safety Education

Fujitsu and domestic Group companies provide occupational health and safety education and health education for developing a stronger awareness toward health issues. We also tailor the education to match the workplace environments at specific business sites.

Education and training activities (ex.)

  • Occupational health and safety education for new employees (approx. 3,000 employees/year)
  • Mental health education for employees receiving promotions (approx. 1,300 employees/year)
  • Online mental health e-Learning program (approx. 800 employees/year)
  • Workplace management training for managers (approx. 1,800 employees; once every three years)
  • Occupational health and safety education at individual business sites (approx. 800 employees/year at major business sites in the Tokyo-Yokohama area, for example)

Health Checkups

Fujitsu and domestic Group companies hold periodic health checkups that include stomach examinations, fecal occult blood testing, and other examinations for each age group in accordance with health examination items specified by law. Through feedback on their results from industrial physicians and industrial health staff, and through PC/smartphones systems which enable employees to review their own health data, we assist in correct understanding of health checkup results and improvement of health awareness. We also thoroughly recommend specialized examinations and going for outpatient visits at medical institutions. Moreover, as measures to prevent illnesses from becoming severe, we cooperate with Fujitsu Health Insurance Society and monitor the medical billing statements of employees who have been diagnosed as requiring treatment based on the results of health checkups. By once again encouraging employees who have not received the required treatment to go for outpatient visits at medical institutions, thus contributing to appropriate treatment.

In addition, we collaborate with the Fujitsu Health Insurance Society to help detect cancer at an early stage by offering free gynecological and obstetric examinations and providing subsidies to defray the costs of brain and lung checkups.

Health Up F@mily: Results of health checkups are returned on the web. Results can be used to monitor changes together with aging and to improve personal health.

Efforts to Enhance Health and Foster a Self-Care Mindset

Fujitsu and domestic Group companies are making efforts to enhance health in terms of “exercise,” “diet,” and “quitting smoking.” Examples include walking events, measurements of physical fitness, healthy lunch seminars, and events to help employees quit smoking. We also cooperate with other sections to implement activities such as proposing healthy menus at employee cafeterias and reviewing measures against secondhand smoke. Furthermore, we hold health seminars for women and health lectures aimed at enhancing both physical and mental health, thus contributing to primary prevention.

Exercise: Measurements of physical fitness, core training, running events, walking events
Exercise: Measurements of physical fitness, core training, running events, walking events

Diet: Seminars on healthy diets
Diet: Seminars on healthy diets

Let’s Quit Smoking Together Challenge
Let’s Quit Smoking Together Challenge

Health education for women
Health education for women
Health education for women

Enhancement of Mental Health Services

Fujitsu has an in-house mental health support office, and full-time psychiatrists and counselors offer consultations and counseling services, provide occupational support for individuals with mental health issues, help prevent relapses, engage in various forms of mental health education, and support employees and workplaces to prevent mental health issues. We have simplified access to the mental health support office from the company website, and we now accept consultation from workplace superiors and coworkers in addition to individuals themselves. Fujitsu also actively supports work balance for employees receiving treatment for cancer.

For stress checks, we have added lifestyle and work engagement (realizing increases in vitality through work) items to simple questionnaires on work-related stress. In addition to supporting self-care by employees through diagnostic measures, we provide management with feedback on organizational diagnostics, and coordinate with employee satisfaction surveys to improve and enliven the organizational climate.

Stress check question forms and individual resultsStress check question forms and individual results
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As support for activities to reform the workplace environment, the Group promotes stress management education for workplaces with a large numbers of high-stress employeesand workshops for creating a vibrant, healthy environment at workplaces with a high degree of stress. Fujitsu also cooperates with human resources sections to reduce stress and improve work engagement. At workshops, the role of facilitator is fulfilled by industrial health staff, particularly counselors. The workshops consist of rediscovering and enhancing workplace strengths, as well as creating/implementing specific action proposals aimed at creating “invigorating workplaces” that are highly-resistant to stress.

Measures against Infectious Diseases

To keep its employees safe from infectious diseases ranging from new strains of influenza to tuberculosis and HIV, Fujitsu and domestic Group companies offer health consultation services and provide employees with relevant information on a timely basis. The health consultations do not include any HIV antibody tests, as the Fujitsu Group is committed to ensuring the privacy of infected individuals.

Additionally, in order to prevent infectious diseases, we implement measures such as holding seasonal influenza vaccinations at companies, subsidizing expenses via welfare points, and vaccinations (paid for by the company) for employees stationed overseas as recommended by the overseas company.

External Evaluation

Certified as “White 500” (Health and Productivity Management Enterprise)

For the second consecutive year (2017 and 2018), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi certified Fujitsu one of the "White 500 Health and Productivity Enterprises", a designation recognizing companies that make strategic efforts to improve employee health management as an important part of their management operations. Fujitsu was recognized for its systematic efforts to maintain and improve the health of its employees.

Moreover, in 2018, seven Group companies—PFU, Fujitsu FIP, Fujitsu FSAS, Fujitsu Kyushu Systems, Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory, Fujitsu Software Technologies, and Fujitsu Marketing—were certified in the “Large Enterprise Category,” and two group companies —Fujitsu YFC and Best Life Promotion—were certified in the “Small and Medium Enterprise Category.”

White 500 Health and Productivity Enterprises

Healthy Living Workplace Certification System – Starter Accreditation


In December 2014, Fujitsu implemented the Healthy Living Workplace Certification System – Starter Accreditation set by the Forum for Creating a Healthy Living Workplace*1, which is jointly established by the Japan Productivity Center and The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Mental Health. The Healthy Living Workplace Certification System is a system to evaluate Fujitsu’s policies, future plans, and measures to promote mental health and improve organizational productivity. Fujitsu has achieved stellar results for many of its policies. Its health promotion headquarters plays a key role in providing readily available workplace stress assessment results, covering positive mental health in the various business divisions which helps to create a lively workplace.

These activities have pioneered stress checks that will be implemented with Fujitsu’s Industrial Safety and Health Act amendment in December 2015, and Fujitsu plans to continue such measures.

* Forum for Creating a Healthy Living Workplace:
A new initiative based on a concept of new mental health measures in corporations, proposed at the stakeholder meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The goals of the forum are to prevent issues with employees' mental health, and realize a positive and healthy corporate culture where employees can work happily and contribute to their organization.

Status of Employee Health

Fujitsu supports employee health management through health checkups and health guidance provided by industrial physcians and health nurses.

Ratio of employees diagnosed with health concern

*Target: Full-time employees of Fujitsu Ltd. at the end of the fiscal year

Obesity: BMI of 25 or higher

Blood pressure: Systolic blood pressure of 130 mmHG or higher; diastolic blood bressure of 85 mmHG or higher

Blood glucose value: Blood glucose of 110 mg/dl or higher and Hba1c of 6.0% or higher and employees currently undergoing treament for each item.

Smoking ratio: Ratio of employees who responded that they smoke when answering the health questionnaire

Ratio of long-term absence due to illness / leave of absence due to illness

atio of regular exercise: Ratio of employees who responded that they exercise regularly when answering the health questionnaire

Target: Full-time employees of Fujitsu Ltd. at the end of the fiscal year

At the end of the fiscal year, ratio of employees who have been absent for a continuous period of at least 1 month or have taken a leave of absence

Health and Safety Policy

Based on the Fujitsu Corporate Values, the Fujitsu Group ensures the safety of employees by providing work environments where people can work in safety and comfort. Furthermore, the Fujitsu Group has set a Health and Safety Policy based on the Fujitsu Corporate Values. The Group's human resource department, health promotion department, and health insurance society work together to create a safe and comfortable working environment and corporate culture, ensuring the health and safety of Fujitsu's employees.

Fujitsu Group's Health and Safety Policy

Ensuring the health and safety of Fujitsu's employees is one of the most important management topics, and it is given the highest priority in all of Fujitsu's business activities.

Efforts to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

The Fujitsu Group aims for zero industrial accidents, and is committed to organizing occupational health and safety activities. To raise awareness for industrial accident prevention, the Fujitsu Group promotes health and safety education within its department and habitually conducts safety drills to prevent falls. Furthermore, from FY2014, the Fujitsu Group conducts voluntary inspections and third-party inspections by specialized site surveyors to minimize accident risks at its production sites.

Occupational Health and Safety Promotion System

The Fujitsu Group has established a Central Health and Safety Committee, comprising the directors responsible for the Human Resources Unit, and the Health Promotion Unit, representatives from the Labor Union, and other parties, to coordinate the safety and health committees in place at individual business sites. Meeting yearly, the Central Health and Safety Committee discusses accidents that have occurred at business sites, works to develop measures for preventing accidents, reports to and shares information with management and business sites, and formulates Group-wide policies on occupational health and safety.

The health and safety management organizations at individual business sites hold monthly meetings of their Health and Safety Committees. These committees establish directions suited to the unique characteristics of the business site and work to create safe, healthy workplaces according to the policies related to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Each business site's health and safety management organization also performs workplace inspection tours and takes other steps to check for and rectify dangerous locations and factors that may impair health, while conducting risk assessments. Certain business sites have also acquired the international standard certification, OHSAS18001.

Medium-Term Plan (FY2013–FY2017)

In light of current issues and the 12th Industrial Accident Prevention Plan (issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), the Fujitsu Group focuses on implementing the following policies.

(1) Industrial accident prevention policies
1. Reduce falls
(a) Enhance cooperation among sections in charge of health and safety
(b) Improve industrial accident awareness through workplace management
2. Validate efforts to prevent industrial accidents at manufacturing sites

(2) Health maintenance/enhancement policies
1. Implement preventive measures for lifestyle diseases, etc.
(a) Enhance measures to prevent disease and prevent disease from increasing in severity
(b) Promote collaboration health and raise health awareness
2. Promote measures to improve mental health
(a) Implement measures for prevention
(b) Enhance workplace management
(c) Hold meetings of experts
3. Prevent smoking and secondhand smoke

Occurrence of Work-Related Accidents

The accident frequency rate and severity rate have been kept at a level far below the national average. Falls were the most common type of work-related accidents that occurred in 2016. There were zero work-related deaths.

Frequency Rate Transition (Fujitsu Limited)

Severity Rate Transition (Fujitsu Limited)

Initiatives Overseas

The Occupational Health and Safety Group for the EMEIA Region is currently implementing a comprehensive approach to ensure proper compliance and enhance preventive measures in the field of occupational health and safety

Embracing the spirit of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an annual initiative by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the EMEIA Region strives to raise awareness and cultivate a stronger understanding of its employees’ occupational safety and health on a far-reaching basis. In FY2017, the Region is working to encourage the prevention of industrial accidents by focusing on collecting and utilizing industrial accident data. Another objective is to implement a cross-sectional incident management system by the end of the fiscal year.

Having laid out these specific policies and other objectives in FY2016 as medium-term goals, the EMEIA Region is now working to cultivate a culture intolerant of industrial accidents by bolstering its governance structure, establishing management systems, training human resources, and encouraging skill development.

Fujitsu Clinic

The Fujitsu Clinic was established as a medical clinic in 1944 on the premises of Fujitsu's Kawasaki Plant, for the purpose of providing medical treatment and health management services to employees and their families. Since its establishment, the Clinic has also answered the demand for community healthcare, providing medical treatment to local residents. The center conducts various health checkups for employees (about 30,000 people a year) along with the Fujitsu Health Management Center on the premises.