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Fujitsu Laboratories of America Partners with Platypus Institute on Neuroscience-based Testbed for Workstyle Innovation

Results to be published at IEEE NER’ 19 conference in San Francisco this month.

March 20, 2019
Fujitsu Laboratories of America has identified the rising trend of applying neuroscience to enhance human performance, and developed a vision to leverage technology to transform this science into an IT solution to solve social issues such as aging society and workstyle transformation. For example, using neurotech applications to improve brain performance, or to augment human capability for more advanced interaction with AI to keep human in the loop.
To understand the science and verify the effectiveness, Fujitsu Laboratories of America partnered with The Platypus Institute - a leader in applied neuroscience for enhancing human performance and productivity – for a testbed on workstyle innovation. The goal was to understand whether neurocognitive training can enhance employees’ brain capability in a working environment.
Collaborating with Platypus, Fujitsu Laboratories of America initiated the testbed and recruited 21 Fujitsu employees to voluntarily participate in the 6~8 weeks of “brain boost” training program. The Platypus Institute, with their expertise in neuroscience, designed the study flow and tasks for pre- and post- training EEG measurement. The testbed ran successfully with neurocognitive data of 21 participants being collected and analyzed.
The testbed result has shown significant difference in terms of neurocognitive improvement for two study groups - long-training group (with average 30 hours of training) and short-training group (with average 7 hours of training) for their post-training task performance, although the pre-training performance showed no significant difference. The testbed result will be published as a poster presentation at the 9th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering (IEEE NER 19) on March 20-23 in San Francisco.
“Fujitsu Laboratories of America is excited to bring the power of neuroscience to improve worker productivity and performance” said Kiyoshi Sakai, CEO, Fujitsu Laboratories of America. “Through our partnership with The Platypus Institute we were able to demonstrate how cutting-edge technologies will power future workers in digital economies and deliver innovative services to societies around the world.”
“The Platypus Institute’s mission is to transform the human experience through applied neuroscience. We were thrilled to partner with Fujitsu Laboratories of America to deliver significant improvement in workforce productivity through our advanced neurotechnology and training,” said Dr. Amy Kruse, Chief Scientific Officer, the Platypus Institute.
Fujitsu Laboratories of America has also designed a survey for the testbed participants, to further understand the user experience, user requirements and feedback about the brain training program from the employees. Overall, majority of the participants agreed their brain performance has improved with the training program, and more than 80% of participants were likely to participate in similar programs again.
Moving forward, Fujitsu Laboratories of America is working on a proprietary technology to facilitate more efficient usage of brain training applications, which will be introduced later this year to help Fujitsu’s partners and customers to deploy neurocognitive initiatives.

About Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.

Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Japan), focusing on research in novel computing, networking technologies, software development and solutions for several industry verticals. Conducting research in an open environment, it contributes to the global research community and the IT industry. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.

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About The Platypus Institute

The Platypus Institute is a NeuroPerformance company that uses proprietary, cutting-edge neurotechnology to help the world’s most elite performers unlock their brain’s exponential capacity and optimize their performance and productivity. Our Human 2.0 Brain Upgrade program is based on real science and delivers exceptional outcomes that transform the human experience, enabling elite performers to dominate on and off the field. Our leadership team includes top neuroscientists from DARPA and senior business executives who previously built five very successful companies. Combined, we have 51 patents, over 100 publications, and extensive proprietary technology.

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Date: March 20, 2019