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Preventative Maintenance

In addition to high quality optics, document scanners also contain motors, gears, belts, bearings and shafts as part of their feeding mechanisms. As a result, they may require periodic maintenance to keep them performing at optimum levels and to avoid outages.

Preventative Maintenance is recommended for customers using production scanners or customers who scan high volumes of documents and have business critical dependency on document scanners. Preventative Maintenance is a proactive service of the scanner that protects against performance degradation, which can result in unscheduled downtime and increased operating costs.

Scope of Service

Preventative Maintenance comprises of a scheduled visit by a technician to perform the following scope of work as required:

  • Disassembly
  • Deep clean the scanner (removal of staples, paper clips, paper shards, dust, dyes, solvents)
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Replacement of worn or performance degraded parts
  • Implementation of Engineering Changes* and Firmware Updates as appropriate
  • Reassembly
  • Recalibration of optics and light levels
  • Adjustments and tests

* Engineering changes are periodic changes to the product specification that improve performance, add new features or increase reliability over the original product specification. Engineering changes can be firmware updates and replacement or modification of hardware parts. Application of these updates keeps your scanner hardware at the very latest production level.

Wiederkehrende proaktive Wartung

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Regular Preventative Maintenance can have many benefits including:

  • Consistently higher image quality - reducing the frequency and cost of batch re-scans
  • Consistently higher feeding performance - maintaining higher images per hour metrics
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime
  • Reduction in consumable costs
  • Elimination of unbudgeted costs
  • Prolonged life of the equipment

Preventative Maintenance Intervals

As an approximate guideline, we recommend preventative maintenance at the following intervals:

Product Group Recommendation
Workgroup, Departmental & Network Scanners Every 2-3 years or at approx 500k scans, whichever is reached first.
Low-Volume Production Scanners Every year or at approx 1 million scans, whichever is reached first.
Mid-Volume Production Scanners Every year or at approx 2 million scans, whichever is reached first.

Our recommendation assumes correct operation and regular cleaning by the operator as detailed in the operators guide. It is also based upon scanning of A4/Letter sized wood-free or wood-containing papers. Customers performing OCR or other image processing using Low or Mid-Volume production scanners are advised to take a service plan with at least 1 preventative maintenance per year as a minimum. This is to ensure continued high recognition rates.

Customers scanning chemically treated papers such as carbonless paper (sometimes known as “NCR Paper”) or papers treated with industrial dyes may require maintenance earlier than the intervals indicated and may require it more frequently. Chemically Treated papers can normally be detected by the presence of a strong chemical odour. More information about scanning carbonless and chemically treated papers can be found in the Knowledge Center section of the website.

Customers who focus on correct paper batch preparation and routinely clean the product will experience consistently higher product performance and may achieve longer intervals before maintenance is required. As a result, higher levels of operational efficiency and lower operating costs can be realised.

Preventative Maintenance is Included in the following Service Plans:

Product Group Product Warranty or Service Plan
Low-Volume Production Scanners   Silver Service Plan: 1 per year for 3years Gold Service Plan: 2 per year for 3years Platinum Service Plan: 3 per year for 3years
Mid-Volume Production Scanners Product Warranty : 1 if registered Silver Service Plan: 1 per year for 3years Gold Service Plan: 2 per year for 3years Platinum Service Plan: 3 per year for 3years

Separate Purchase

Preventative Maintenance can also be purchased separately to add more maintenance to a service plan, or to add maintenance to service plans that do not include it by default. It can be purchased in packs of 1-3 visits for:

  • Workgroup, Departmental and Network Scanners
  • Low-Volume Production Scanners
  • Mid-Volume Production Scanners


If your service plan includes Preventative Maintenance and you want to book an appointment, please contact our support hotline by telephone.

If you have purchased separate preventative maintenance and want to book an appointment, you must first activate it so that it is registered as an entitlement against your specific scanner serial number. Following activation, you can make an appointment by contacting our support hotline by telephone.

Appointments for Preventative Maintenance visits should made 2-4 weeks in advance and as they are ‘preventative’, they should be made before an outage occurs.

During Preventative Maintenance visits, our service technicians will happily collect all expired consumables as well as packaging and empty containers from Consumable and Cleaning kits. These will be recycled on your behalf.

Visit our product warranty & service plans pages to compare warranty and service plans.