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Replacing Consumables

  • Ensure that you change the consumables at the required intervals. Dependent upon scanner model, this may include:
    • Pick roller
    • Brake roller
    • Separation roller
    • Pad Assembly
fi-6130 Consumables kit 6130-rollers replacing pick rollers


  • The expected life of consumables is an estimate based upon usage with standard paper types, it is not a guarantee of life. "Standard paper types" is defined as wood-free or wood containing paper, typically A4/Letter 80gsm fax/copier paper. Consumable life can vary depending upon paper types used and may be reduced if routine cleaning and care is not performed.
  • Extra care should be exercised when regularly scanning carbonless papers or other chemically treated papers. This normally requires extra cleaning to remove chemical residues more frequently as sometimes these chemicals may harm the scanner over time.
  • For details of consumable kits for your scanner model, including contents and approximate life of each kit, please visit our Scanner Consumables section.
  • After replacing consumables, the relevant counters should be reset. Instructions for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP are as follows:
    Reset scanner counters
    1. Click on the 'Windows Orb' button on the taskbar. (Windows XP users: Click on the "Start" button).
    2. Select "All Programs".
    3. Select "Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows" .
    4. Select "Software Operation Panel".
    5. Once "Software Operation Panel" is open, select "Device Setting" from the tree on the left hand side of the applet.
    6. Look to the right side of the applet for the "Clear" buttons that are not greyed out (Note, these will vary in different models, some will have up to 4 available) and click each "Clear" button to reset its value back to 0.
    7. The values should then be reset to 0.