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Periodic Preventative Maintenance

Wiederkehrende proaktive Wartung

We recommend customers with production scanners, or those scanning significant quantities of carbonless papers, to have a Service Plan that includes Preventative Maintenance. This should only be performed by a Qualified Service Technician or it may invalidate your warranty or service plan.

Heavier users, or users scanning high ratios of non-standard paper types (e.g. carbonless papers, dyed papers, very rough grade, dusty papers or other chemically treated papers), may require maintenance more frequently as these papers can leave large amounts of chemical residues and dust. Such residues and dust can downgrade the performance of the product over time if not removed and can lead to reduced image quality, stoppages and increased downtime.

Good indications that your scanner requires maintenance are:

  • Sensor alarms/errors (normally the result of dust build-up preventing sensors from operating).
  • Persistent paper jams despite cleaning and consumable change (normally caused by residue build-up on rollers or dust inside sensors).
  • Degraded image quality such as lines down image or other artifacts (normally caused by dust and/or residues on the glass guides or inside the optical units).
  • Unusual ‘grinding’ or ‘knocking’ noises (normally caused by advanced build-up of residues, dust/toner on rollers and moving parts, or sometimes staples preventing normal operation).

The frequency of preventative maintenance is governed by how many documents are scanned within a given period of time. As paper is scanned, dust and chemicals are transferred to the moving parts and interior of the product. This process is accelerated on production scanners due to their high speed and high daily duty cycles.

By following our advice on Batch Preparation and Routine Cleaning, the operator can minimise the effect that dust, paper shards, toner and chemicals can have on the scanner. This can extend the intervals between maintenance visits and reduce operating costs.

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