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Fujitsu Network and Telecommunications IT

Telecommunication Networks

Fujitsu’s extensive technologies and expertise are easily applied to address a host of network requirements, across proven, ready-to-deploy applications and the development of bespoke solutions.

Covering NGN exchange deployments, as well as mobile and broadband backhaul requirements, and access network aggregation, our genuinely end-to-end solutions demonstrate the flexibility of our award-winning GeoStream Access Gateway MSAN (Multi-Service Access Node) – delivering services over copper and fibre – in conjunction with the FLASHWAVE® 9500 optical platform.

Fujitsu's expertise can also be deployed for bespoke applications, identifying best of breed technologies to create unique solutions designed to meet a specific network challenge. Our impressive track record includes the design and supply of a range of integrated voice and broadband solutions, particularly at the business and enterprise level.

Fujitsu Telecoms IT - Network Infrastructure

As one of the strongest and most experienced vendors in NGN access deployments, Fujitsu offers solutions that are scalable from the largest exchanges to small-scale rural deployments.

Mobile Backhaul

Fujitsu’s GeoStream Access Gateway Fibre MSAN can be deployed to consolidate access, and provide grooming and aggregation, dramatically reducing the cost of 3G mobile networks.

Access Aggregation

Our MSAN platform is able to handle aggregation of all network traffic using Aggregator MSANs (AMSAN) and the Fibre MSANs (FMSAN). Aggregating traffic in the access and metro network dramatically reduces cost and complexity in the core of the network.

Local Loop Unbundling

We have a proven track-record in this sector, providing turnkey LLU solutions that encompass our class-leading MSAN technology with test access capability.

Broadband Voice

Through our strategic partnership with MetaSwitch, we provide an open-API applications platform for converged broadband voice services – call control, messaging, desktop integration and enterprise capabilities.


Fujitsu’s expertise extends beyond simple “box” deployment. We partner with best-of-breed in the industry to provide proven, cost-effective solutions, benefiting from Fujitsu's unique experience in deploying NGN solutions.

Research & Development

Our R&D programmes are focused on translating the accomplishments of Fujitsu's laboratories into real-world deployments.

Optical Network Technology

A world leader in cutting-edge optical technology, Fujitsu has numerous world-firsts to its credit.

Hybrid Switch Technology

Our new-generation Hybrid Switch Technology represents a major evolution.


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