Secure Age Verification Solutions Built for Customers and Designed for Retail

Fujitsu Digital Age Assurance

An End-to-End Solution for Retail Age Assurance

Designed to operate across all your customer sales channels

Change is coming to age assurance, and thanks to Fujitsu’s age verification and age estimation technology, it will transform the way you serve your customers in-store and online.

Fujitsu’s digital age verification solutions are designed to generate value for your business by:

  • Increasing customer basket spend
  • Reducing customer queuing and payment times
  • Improving customer engagement and colleague productivity
  • Ensuring safe and compliant operations

Our Digital Age Assurance solutions are independently tested and provide the safeguards you need to achieve regulatory compliance, develop new sales channels and create seamless customer journeys.

Built for customers

Our solutions provide a quick, simple, convenient and secure method for customers to prove their age and entitlement across your sales channels.

Designed for retail

Our solutions remove the friction and barriers in the customer path to purchase, providing a faster checkout process.

Designed for Retail

Our age verification technology has been specifically designed for retail environments.

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A solution for all channels

Our age assurance solutions work together to provide an end-to-end solution that meets all your current payment channel needs. They open up the opportunity to introduce new and more convenient customer self-service channels enabled by automated digital age verification controls.

Over the counter icon

Over the counter

Self-service (checkout) icon

Self-service (checkout)

Scan and pay (scan guns) icon

Scan and pay (scan guns)

Shop and go (automated stores) icon

Shop and go (automated stores)

In-app purchase (mobile) icon

In-app purchase (mobile)

Click and collect (lockers) icon

Click and collect (lockers)

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Home delivery icon

Home delivery

Online eCommerce icon

Online eCommerce

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Always-on technology

Our age verification technology is designed for maximum performance and will operate in environments with poor or no network coverage to ensure a seamless uninterrupted customer experience.

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Own the customer experience

Software-based, our age verification solutions can be embedded with your mobile, online, self-service and point-of-sale commerce systems, providing you with full control over the customer journey and brand experience.

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Frictionless customer journeys

Developed to remove friction in the payment journey, our solutions are designed to use AI and automation to enforce age verification by exception not by design – removing unnecessary delay in the payment process, reducing customer queuing and improving store productivity.

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Accelerating the checkout process

Our software-based age verification technology can integrate with both your point of sales system and customer loyalty scheme to simplify and accelerate the customer payment process, improve check-out throughput and reduce customer queuing.

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Safe and compliant operations

Independently tested, our digital age verification controls work with your systems to automatically verify, control and report on the sale of age-restricted products.

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Trusted by you and your customers

Independently tested to international standards you can be confident in the performance and reliability of our age assurance solutions to digitally age verify your customers.

Trusted by your customers, our age assurance solutions are secure by design with no Personal Identifiable Information (PII) held, stored or transmitted to any third party.

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Accessible and inclusive

Open and accessible, our solutions are designed to be inclusive - incorporating assistive technology for individuals with disabilities, are configurable internationally to support language requirements and local legislation and offer a broad range of methods by which customers can choose to verify their age based on their needs.

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Reduces operational disruption

Designed to reduce disruption to store operations our software-based age assurance solutions are designed to integrate with your existing point of sales systems and support all your customer payment and service channels.

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Accelerates the speed to value

Developed as software and offered as an SDK that can integrate into your existing systems. Our age verification technology requires no additional hardware or infrastructure allowing faster deployment, at a lower cost, and offering a rapid Return on Investment.

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Integrates with your commerce systems

Designed to integrate with your existing systems and provide age controls across all your customer channels. Our age assurance software solutions simplify the customer payment journey, automate age verification and oversight, and introduce controls that keep both the customer safe and store operations compliant.

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Scales easily according to requirements

Our age verification and estimation technology work together to provide a solution for all your retail needs, supporting businesses as technology changes, store formats evolve, and new customer channels are introduced.

How does Digital Age Assurance work?

Designed to give you full control, our age verification software-based solutions – Digital Age Verification and Digital Age Estimation – can operate standalone or can be embedded into your systems to automate age verification, accelerate the payment process and improve compliance.

Working together, they offer an end-to-end solution that removes inefficiency and customer friction in the scan-to-pay process to:

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce violent and abusive incidents
How does Digital Age Assurance work?

Fujitsu Digital Age Verification

Quick, simple, secure and resilient

Trusted digital age verification via customer’s mobile device reducing the need for staff intervention

  • Seamless customer experience – maintain full control over the customer journey and brand experience
  • Fully inclusive registration (less than 30 seconds) – multiple registration options supported including e-passports, residency permits, driving licenses and store-assisted registration
  • Offline age verification (less than 3 seconds) – age verification operates completely offline, allowing it to work seamlessly in any environment
  • Convenient – integrate age and loyalty information in a single digital checkout process
  • Privacy by design – GDPR compliant, PII data is held on the customer device – no data ever leaves the device
  • Low cost – no additional hardware or infrastructure required
  • Pricing confidence – licensing is provided per SDK (one SDK supports one sales channel)
  • Independently validated – we work closely with independent age certification authorities to ensure legal standards are met
  • Compliant – digital audit records for compliance with legislation
  • Interoperable – Fujitsu Age Verification is configurable with Fujitsu Age Estimation (at self-checkout) to provide an E2E solution to retail age assurance

Omnichannel – supports attended and unattended sales channels:

  • Self-Checkout
  • Pay-in-aisle
  • Over-the-counter sales
  • In-app sales
  • Vending machines
  • Click and collect (intelligent lockers)
  • Home delivery
  • Online

Explore our digital age verification solution and find out more about how it works

Fujitsu Digital Age Estimation

Frictionless, real-time, on-device age estimation for self-checkout

A low friction solution for the customer retail journey.

  • On-device and offline – age estimation works on the device itself with no reliance on external connectivity
  • Frictionless – discreet operation throughout the transaction – meaning no additional steps or delays
  • Privacy by design – no personal data is ever stored or transmitted
  • Embedded anti-spoofing – liveness detection ensures age estimation cannot be spoofed by presenting a photo or video
  • Simple integration – integrates easily with any point-of-sale hardware and software
  • Pricing clarity – licensing per self-checkout device with no per-transaction charges
  • Configurable age thresholds – support your Global operation by setting age thresholds to accommodate each country of operation
  • Independently validated – we work closely with independent age certification authorities to ensure legal standards are met
  • Interoperable – Fujitsu Age Estimation is configurable with Fujitsu Age Verification to provide an E2E solution to retail age assurance

Applications: Self-Checkout

Explore our digital age estimation solution and find out more about how it works

Digital Age Assurance use cases

Fujitsu Digital Age Assurance technology has the power to improve regulatory compliance and introduce more robust age verification controls across multiple industries:

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Age-appropriate play

Icon of Lottery


Age-appropriate sales

Icon of Online


Age-appropriate access to adult products, services and content

Icon of Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Receipt of age-appropriate goods

Icon of Ticketing


Verify access to events, concessionary travel and entitlement

Icon of Vending


Unattended age-appropriate sales

Icon of Bars & Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants

Age-appropriate sales and table ordering

Icon of Retail


Age-appropriate sales and self-service

Icon of Service and Support

Service and Support

Identification of company representatives

Fujitsu is a member of the Age Verification Providers Association and is monitoring market developments by international regulators to protect young adults from accessing age-restricted content and services both in-person and online.

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