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Government cloud adoption is still an aspiration rather than a reality. Since the announcement of the government’s Cloud First policy good progress has been made in migrating to the cloud, but it’s fair to say that the we have only scratched the surface.

As we enter the 2020s, almost a third of public sector organisations are still using traditional datacentres, despite the widely-acknowledged benefits of cloud and a clear mandate to transform. Those that have been migrated are generally the tactical digital projects that lack the scale to be considered transformational in terms of genuine outcomes.

No surprise then, that only 26% of public sector leaders say they have felt any benefit at all from technological advances, which suggests that the focus has been on tactical initiatives, which lack the scope and scale to make a significant impact.

And it’s not just the technology that holds you back. You undoubtedly find yourself dealing with competing pressures as you manage your day-to-day priorities and maintain continuity whilst transforming ‘in-flight’, battling to find the resources and skills needed to tackle digital projects.

Multi-Cloud for Public Sector Insights

Driving a trusted future research report

Our recent research has revealed that 58% of business leaders told us they are being held back by public nervousness around technology, with 44% fearing they will miss out on the benefits because they haven’t planned radically enough for them.

  • 76% of public sector leaders agreed that technology is critical to the future.
  • 65% said the greatest driver for Cloud is to modernize and future-proof public services.
  • 47% said lack of in-house resources is a barrier to their Cloud strategy.
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Driving a trusted future research report

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